Li Jian from Overseas Chinese Town: New Development Mode of "Wisdom + Culture + Technology + Tourism"

Dec 19, 2013, 10:18 ET from Shenzhen OCT Vision Inc.

YANGSAN, South Korea, Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- On December 4th, the 5th Asia City Forum hosted by Asian City Association, Yangsan Government of Korea, and Communication University of China had its grand opening in Yangsan, Korea, with "Intelligent Tourism" being one of the major topics of the forum.

At the discussion part of sub-topic "Tourism·Asia", Li Jian, Vice President and General Manager of Shenzhen OCT Vision Inc. (below referred to as OCT Vision) made a keynote speech entitled "Scientific and Technological Ideas for Intelligent Tourism – Proposal for Intelligent Tourism by OCT Vision", vividly describing the "Intelligent Tourism" to be built.

Mr. Li Jian said, "Culture tourism meeting with mobile internet and social networks has undoubtedly brought a revolutionary change to the tourism industry. Every integration of the tourism industry with other industries brings a strategic change. "

As the leading enterprise in the intelligent tourism field, OCT Vision is a first-class provider of intelligent tourism system products and services with its core business being the creation, design, development and comprehensive services of intelligent tourism systems. It is an enterprise that is known for its IT technical strength in tourism enterprises and an enterprise mostly focused in tourism among IT enterprises, building a bridge of development integrated intelligence, culture,  tourism and science & technology. This leads to a gradually building of an industrial development path based on excellent culture as the core, intelligent experience as the approach, tourism industry as the platform and modern science and technology as the representation.

So far, OCT Vision has tailor-made intelligent tourism APP series and relevant cultural game products for its subordinate theme parks and theme tourist areas such as China Spring & Autumn Yancheng Tourist Area, providing comprehensive online experiences for the tourist areas and the tourists. Supported by the development of intelligent tourism systems, OCT Vision has successfully developed 360 Spheron Theaters, Vision Drop Ride, Flying Theatre, Theme DARK RIDE, Scene 4D Theaters and other top-class intelligent tourism products with rich cultural connotations and interactive experiences. These achievements are even praised as "walking eyes", not only providing brand new cultural experiences through science and technology to visitors but also convenience and joy.

Among the products, OCT Intelligent Tourism APP is an APP and relevant system developed by OCT Vision specifically for tourism areas, exhibition halls, museums and other tourism resources based on nearly 30 years of experience in tourism industry. It is the only internet application product that provides both an intelligent, interactive and cultural experience as well as an interactive experience, cultural experience and other comprehensive functional experience while exploring the cultural connotations and interactive experiences of the cultural Technology tourism products independently developed by OCT Vision, creating brand new intelligent tourism products with newer ideas and more unique experience, so as to form a complete online and offline intelligent tourism product chain.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Li Jian touched on the concept and development mode of an intelligent tourism city. "OCT Intelligent Tourism City Project is the first integrated project featuring high-quality tourism life style as the performance essence," he stated. "Deep development and comprehensive promotion of intelligent tourism is the goal and online and offline intelligent applications functioning as comprehensive approaches  with high-quality cultural life and tourism experience being the 'form'." The project is building a brand new integrated industry chain of 'intelligence + culture + tourism' with culture and technology on the side and with intelligence as the expression with the goal of upgrading the intelligent city construction to new intelligent city models with leading intelligent application level, group development of intelligent industries and improved intelligent infrastructures.

Intelligent tourism is a developing trend for the tourism industry, and OCT Vision expressed that it would continue its dedication to the development of intelligent tourism, adding "intelligent formula" to tourism, providing more solid and joyful experiences for the tourists and providing the best customized and convenient services to the tourism areas and the tourists thereby helping to push forward the development of the intelligent tourism industry in China and throughout the world.

SOURCE Shenzhen OCT Vision Inc.