Liangjiang New Area Reforms Administrative Approval System

Oct 21, 2013, 09:14 ET from Chongqing Liangjiang New Area

CHONGQING, China, Oct. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As the first national area in inland China, Liangjiang New Area is embarking on a new reform of its administrative approval system.

The Chongqing Municipal Government has clearly stated that Liangjiang New Area is delegated with power to the largest extent.

For example, Xu Qingmei hurried to register a foreign-funded enterprise in the Administrative Center of Liangjiang New Area the day before the National Day holiday, and successfully got her business license later that day thanks to the area's full authorization from Chongqing Administration for Industry and Commerce.

The new area has been fully empowered to exert the administration's rights to deal with industrial and commercial items, so it can handle examination and approval issues at both district and municipal levels.

It's reported that the completion rate of industrial and commercial registrations within a day is 100% in the new area, and 98% for onsite.

"This move is efficient and time-saving," said Ling Yueming, director of the administrative committee of Liangjiang New Area. At present, the new area is entitled to examine and approve a total of 118 items at the two levels.

Integration, optimization and transformation are reported to be the key factors in exerting rights properly and dealing with various affairs effectively.

Various government departments involving economy, construction management, finance, planning, tax and environmental protection have set up 14 windows at the governmental affairs hall of the new area.

Liangjiang New Area has set up two new administrations. The Bureau of Economic Operation is in charge of economic informatization, development and reform, and statistics, among others, while The Bureau of Construction Management is responsible for construction, transport and municipal administration, among others.

Functional optimization is the key point to the integration of departments.

"Besides, functional transformation is also one of the core factors," said Zheng Yong, deputy president of The Bureau of Construction Management. "Fewer staff members, more matters. Thus, we will focus on administrative examination and approval, law enforcement and management on industries, and leave the rest to the society or market," he added.

"I am so surprised that the procedure only takes one day," said the responsible person from the Operation and Planning Department of BOE. According to the requirement from the new area's planning office, the procedure for conducting a case of planning conditions must be completed within one day.

Liangjiang New Area has implemented "one-stop" examination and approval, facilitating local firms. Taking BOE for example, all of its procedures were finished within one day due to the simultaneous examinations and approvals by several departments.

There are no preconditions existing in some examinations and approvals. If companies have missed some preparation materials, they will be able to supply them and apply at the same time.

Statistics showed that the new area has attracted a total investment of 87.9 billion yuan from January to September 2013, up 34% year on year.

SOURCE Chongqing Liangjiang New Area