Life is Too Short to Spend it On Hair Removal, says Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute

Let lasers zap away unwanted facial and body hair so you can stop dealing with the painful fuss and the mess.

Oct 26, 2012, 20:39 ET from Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Ask anyone who spends a lot of time removing stubborn, unwanted hair on any part of their body and they'll tell you story of never ending hassles. For years now, the good people at Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute and their leading edge laser dermatology treatments have been saving their customers no end of time and heartache by providing permanent removal of unwanted facial and body hair. The institute, which has won praise from countless grateful patients for their success with varicose vein removal, has been generating equally sincere plaudits from clients.

Laser technology has proven to be a boon to sufferers of all kinds of conditions. It is highly successful for treating acne scars, has been proven extremely effective for spider vein removal and for removing skin discolorations. While the technology has improved the appearance and ended the suffering of countless patients, in terms of sheer person-hours, the time-saving value of laser hair removal treatments is impossible to overestimate.

The one thing traditional methods of hair removal have in common, you see, is that they take quite a bit of time. Shaving is messy enough, but depilatory creams are foul smelling and arguably even messier and even more time consuming. (Creams may also cause skin irritation.) Electrolysis may be less messy from the point of view of the person receiving it, but the permanent results this painstaking technique was once said to achieve often turn out to be an illusion. For men with large amounts of hair they wish to remove on their back or elsewhere, it's essentially a non-starter. Waxing, on the other hand, is relatively speedy but, especially for those with large amounts of hair to remove, it is beyond an understatement to call it "extremely uncomfortable."

Laser hair removal at Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute is, by contrast, extremely speedy and the discomfort involved is minimal or nonexistent – patients often compare it to the feeling of a rubber band being lightly snapped on the skin. Permanent results can often be achieved with just a few treatments. At that point, patients often start to wonder what they'll do with all the hours of they've suddenly regained in their lives.

"When I think about it now, I really regret not going to the institute a lot sooner," said Jane, a patient who asked us not to use her real name. "Removing the hair from my legs, upper lip, and bikini area was a constant battle that took more time than I really care to consider. It got even worse when I tried to help my husband with his back hair. Seriously, you have no idea. Of course, I made him go into the institute too. Since we've got through with the treatment, we had so much additional time we both took up a new hobby that, I promise you, has absolutely nothing to do with hair removal."  

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