Life Scientist and Inventor Discovers New Measure of Health

Apr 12, 2011, 10:07 ET from COHERENCE LLC

ALLEN, Texas, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- COHERENCE LLC, Allen, Texas is awarded US Patent #7922664, describing the detection and measurement of a blood wave that rises and falls when we breathe with depth and regularity – what COHERENCE refers to as "Coherent Breathing."

Author and inventor Stephen Elliott and colleagues call this the "Valsalva Wave," named after 15th century physiologist Antonio Valsalva, one of the first Western scientists to observe and document the relationship between breathing and blood flow. For Elliott, the discovery comes after decades of research into breathing and its relationship to health, well-being, and optimal performance.

"Breathing can either facilitate or impede circulation," says Elliott. "If we breathe in a healthy way, it facilitates increased blood flow, and increased blood flow yields increased health, vitality, and well-being. Alternatively, if we breathe in a sub-optimal way, as do most adults, it literally impedes blood flow." Elliott believes that "slowing" of blood flow due to improper breathing is a root cause of high blood pressure and over the long run is a major contributor to heart and cardiovascular disease, as well as a host of other ailments including anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, sleep dysfunction, and chronic fatigue.

"It isn't often that a fundamentally new biological measure comes along," says colleague Robert Grove, PhD. and Partner at J&J Engineering. "This invention allows non-invasive observation of the blood that until now could only be done invasively using catheters. We're already learning new things about the body's elegant coordination of breathing, blood flow, and the heart beat. Valsalva Wave Training (learning to breathe to produce the wave) represents fine tuning of the cardiopulmonary system and has important application to peak performance, sports, and stress management. It's hard to say where this discovery will lead."

Clinical Psychologist, Christopher Fisher, PhD, and managing editor of BMED Report: "Elliott's work has lifted our understanding of breathing and autonomic governance to a new level. His work is clearly at the forefront of psycho-physiological research and its application to many health conditions. Finally, we're able to observe the physiological mechanics behind the phenomenon of heart rate variability which is known to relate highly to mental and physical health and well-being."

COHERENCE incorporates Valsalva Wave technology into its Valsalva Wave Pro and BreatheHeart biofeedback instruments.

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