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First National Direct Life Insurance Marketing Company to Offer LifeAgain's BlueMetric Select Life Insurance Program for Men with Active Localized Prostate Cancer

Dec 03, 2013, 09:00 ET from Cardium Therapeutics

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeAgain Insurance Solutions Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cardium Therapeutics (NYSE MKT: CXM), today announced that its BlueMetric Select term life insurance program is now available through Life Quotes, Inc., the first national direct marketing company to offer LifeAgain's term life insurance program for men with active localized prostate cancer.  Life Quotes owns and operates, an award-winning life insurance exchange staffed by approximately 100 insurance professionals. 


"We are pleased to offer LifeAgain's BlueMetric Select term life insurance program on the platform," stated Christopher J. Reinhard, CEO of LifeAgain.  "LifeAgain has effectively extended life insurance eligibility to as many as 400,000 men annually following their cancer diagnosis or upon the completion of prostate cancer surgery, without the traditional multi-year waiting periods and additional medical re-qualifications generally required by most life insurance companies.  The purchase of life insurance online is  steadily rising as more and more customers turn to the internet to purchase insurance.  We look forward to working with Life Quotes, and to introducing our term life insurance program for men with prostate cancer to other direct marketers to allow additional online accessibility to our BlueMetric Select term life insurance program."

"The LifeAgain BlueMetric term life insurance plan represents a unique and significant breakthrough for certain newly-diagnosed prostate cancer patients," remarked Robert Bland, CEO of LifeQuotes, Inc.  "We're delighted to offer this groundbreaking new life insurance plan on our platform for the benefit of our customers who may have prostate cancer.  The competitively-priced LifeAgain BlueMetric life insurance plan represents a major marketplace advancement in terms of combining the latest bio-medical knowledge with actuarial science for the benefit of prostate cancer patients."

The Life Insurance Direct Marketing Association (LIDMA) recently reported that, "direct response selling of life insurance is the fastest growing segment of the life insurance industry today.  Each year a higher percentage of overall life insurance sales can be attributed to some type of direct marketing effort.  More than $300 million in life insurance premium is initiated each year from direct response efforts, and direct sales of life insurance represents as much as 10% of all policy sales on an annual basis." 

For cancer patients who often feel a genuine need for life insurance, it is typically unavailable. Life insurance generally only becomes an option after five years of being cancer free.  Even then, it can be an uphill battle depending on the type, stage, grade of the cancer, and the treatment plan.  LifeAgain's BlueMetric Select program was specifically designed to provide eligible men with term life insurance coverage following a cancer diagnosis or upon the completion of a prostate cancer surgery, without the traditional multi-year waiting periods and additional medical re-qualifications generally required by most life insurance companies.  Importantly, coverage is also now available to prostate cancer patients who are in a "watchful waiting" treatment plan, including younger men who traditionally have been denied life insurance with few exceptions. 

About BlueMetric Select Term Life Insurance

The BlueMetric Select program is been designed for men aged 45-65, who are in otherwise good health and who have low- to medium-risk active localized prostate cancer, which has been confirmed by a recent biopsy, and for men who have recently completed prostate cancer surgery. This program seeks to provide term life insurance coverage and may include an automatic renewal option (following the initial ten-year term), the right to convert into universal life insurance, and an accelerated benefit in the event of a terminal illness. The BlueMetric Select Program is designed to offer substantial coverage levels, ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000, without waiting periods, so an individual can begin the application process on the day of his prostate cancer diagnosis, or immediately following completion of prostate cancer surgery.  Additional information about the BlueMetric Select Program is available at

About Life Quotes, Inc.

Privately-held Life Quotes, Inc., headquartered in Darien, IL, operates an Internet-based life insurance price comparison service and brokerage operation for consumers in all 50 states.  Over 300,000 people have purchased policies from Life Quotes since the firm's founding in 1984.  The company provides instant life insurance quotes and companion expert advice through 100 insurance professionals. Visitors to can instantly and anonymously compare the rates of 30 leading life insurance companies in seconds and have the freedom to apply to any company shown.

About LifeAgain

LifeAgain Insurance Solutions is an advanced medical data analytics business and national life insurance agency that is focused on the development, marketing and sale of "survivable risk" term life insurance programs for cancer survivors or others with medical conditions who are currently considered uninsurable based on traditional underwriting standards.  LifeAgain recently launched its initial BlueMetric Select term life insurance program, underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance, for men with active localized prostate cancer.  LifeAgain plans to develop additional new and innovative life insurance solutions for men and women with other medical conditions. For more information about LifeAgain, visit

About Cardium         

Cardium is a health sciences and biotechnology regenerative medicine company. Cardium has three business units: (1) Angionetic Therapeutics™, focused on the late-stage clinical development of Generx®, an angiogenic gene therapy product candidate for the treatment for cardiac microvascular insufficiency due to advancing coronary artery disease; (2) Activation Therapeutics™, a regenerative medicine wound healing technology and commercialization platform, that includes Excellagen®, an FDA-cleared advanced wound care product; and (3) LifeAgain® Insurance Solutions, an advanced medical data analytics platform that supports the Company's BlueMetric Select term life insurance program underwritten by Symetra Life Insurance for men with active localized prostate cancer.  For more information about Cardium visit

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