LifeMap partners with Everest Funeral to enhance End-of-Life offerings

Comprehensive insurance offering helps ensure families can honor members' final wishes

Dec 04, 2012, 10:23 ET from LifeMap Assurance Company from ,Everest

PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeMap Assurance Company and Everest Funeral today announced a partnership that will provide members and their families with services and benefits designed to help them make decisions and manage the expenses associated with funeral planning.

LifeMap Assurance Company currently serves customers in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho Montana, Wyoming and Alaska with a complete portfolio of insurance benefit plans that include life, disability, vision, dental, accident, critical illness and short term medical coverage.

Through the LifeMap Advantages program, LifeMap members have access to Everest's suite of funeral planning services including:

  • 24/7 advisor assistance to discuss funeral-planning issues
  • Online planning tools to assist in documenting specific wishes and decisions for future funeral arrangements
  • PriceFinder  Research Reports – a nationwide database of funeral service prices
  • Negotiation Assistance with advisors who negotiate funeral service pricing with local funeral homes
  • Family Assistance and Plan Implementation – advisors work with the family to understand their wishes and then communicate the personal funeral plan to the funeral home
  • Additionally, Everest members receive expedited payment for funerals

"LifeMap's mission is to help our members through all of life's transitions," said LifeMap President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Barr. "This partnership is designed to guide our members through one of life's most difficult challenges. Everest has a strong history and reputation in this industry, and we are pleased to offer this new service to assist our members through this difficult time in their lives."

"At Everest, we've built our business on providing comprehensive end-of-life planning services that not only simplify the process, but also ensure that family members have the time and tools to make informed decisions about honoring the life of their loved ones," said Mark Duffey, CEO and founder of Everest. "Our offerings complement the strong suite of existing services provided by LifeMap, and ensure its members that they are taken care of for life."

This partnership enhances the services already offered to LifeMap family members regarding end-of-life planning, including:

  • Three free confidential counseling sessions to help deal with grief, anxiety, stress, parenting issues and more
  • 24/7 crisis support line
  • A free thirty minute consultation with a lawyer, and discounted legal fees if additional support is required
  • Free financial services to help with estate planning, settlements, debt counseling, college planning, and discounts if services are required in the future

For more information on LifeMap's enhanced end-of-life services provided in partnership with Everest, visit or

About LifeMap

LifeMap Assurance Company offers life, dental, vision, disability and accident coverage to ensure members live their life to the fullest with financial peace of mind. LifeMap is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, but offers coverage in Washington, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska and Oregon, with plans to expand in the future. LifeMap is a member of the Cambia Health Solutions family of companies, a total health and wellness solutions group headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. To learn more about LifeMap, visit

About Everest

Everest, the first nationwide funeral planning and concierge service, offers services across the United States and Canada.  The company is dedicated to providing the critical information and services families need to make the most informed decisions about funeral-related issues.  Everest is not a funeral home, does not sell funeral goods or services, and does not receive commissions from funeral homes or other service providers in the funeral industry. 

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