LifeStreet Media Pays Out Over $150 Million in Ad Revenues to Developers

Delivered More than 300 Million Installs and Conversions to Advertisers, Averaging 350,000 New Customers Delivered Per Day

Mar 07, 2013, 10:45 ET from LifeStreet Media

SAN CARLOS, Calif., March 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LifeStreet Media, a leading advertising technology company, today announced significant milestones and momentum for its social and mobile businesses. Most notably, LifeStreet has paid more than $150 million in advertising revenue to developers monetizing their inventory with LifeStreet's RevJet revenue maximization platform. LifeStreet has also delivered more than 300 million ad conversions for advertisers, and has averaged over 350,000 new customers delivered to advertisers per day in 2012[1]. In addition, LifeStreet is now processing more than 70 billion ad transactions per month, an increase of over 350 percent versus monthly transactions processed one year ago, and expects to process over 1 trillion transactions during 2013.  

Facebook Publishers Focus on Monetization
LifeStreet has led in-app display advertising on Facebook since 2009 and continues to drive more app installs on the platform than any ad provider other than Facebook itself.  The number of Facebook app developers publishing ads with LifeStreet rose 68 percent year-over-year from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012. In addition, the number of ads Facebook app developers placed in their apps increased 74 percent over the same period.

Mobile Advertisers Focus on Performance
LifeStreet experienced rapid adoption by mobile advertisers seeking to work with the company on a performance basis. LifeStreet enables mobile developers to pay for installs or "engagement" events like tutorial completions and game leveling instead of traditional non-performance metrics like impressions and clicks.  The number of advertisers working with LifeStreet's mobile business nearly tripled in 2012, the number of mobile campaigns rose more than 550 percent and mobile conversions rose more than 650 percent. According to a recent report by Gartner Group, the mobile app advertising market is expected to grow from $1.9 billion in 2012 to $10.3 billion in 2016.

Innovative Technology Drives Current and Future Growth
LifeStreet invented a new kind of ad optimization technology called "universal object serving." Unlike ad serving, which tests existing ads against each other, universal object serving breaks ads down into granular revenue-impacting "visual objects" such as text and images and "logical objects" such as ad placements and targeting algorithms. RevJet then deploys those objects into ads and landing pages, which are rapidly created, tested and further optimized until the system creates some of the most finely tuned, revenue-maximizing display ads in the industry.  This process of rapidly testing and improving objects actually increases the value of ad impressions, enabling LifeStreet to deliver higher payouts for publishers and more effective campaigns for advertisers.

"Our RevJet platform and underlying universal object serving technology have enabled us to deliver volumes of new customers and industry-leading payouts to app developers of all stripes, from Facebook app developers to iOS and Android developers," said Mitchell Weisman, founder and CEO of LifeStreet Media. "Based on our tremendous success in applying RevJet to social and mobile in-app advertising, we plan to extend RevJet to additional segments of digital advertising later this year."

LifeStreet Media's key milestones include:

  • Paying over $150 million in ad revenues to developers
  • Delivering over 300 million installs or deeper conversions to advertisers, with an average of 350,000 per day in 2012
  • Processing over 70 billion ad transactions per month with the expectation of processing 1 trillion in 2013
  • App inventory growth on Facebook of 74 percent and publisher growth of 68 percent from Q4 2011 to Q4 2012
  • Near tripling of mobile advertisers with mobile campaign growth in excess of 550 percent and mobile conversion growth above 650 percent

About LifeStreet Media
LifeStreet Media is a leader in global in-app advertising for Facebook, Apple (iOS) and Android developers.  LifeStreet's RevJet optimization platform is built upon the world's first universal object server and is the product of a $25+ million software development investment. RevJet applies Iterative High Velocity Testing to any digital revenue driver, ranging from visual objects such as ads and landing pages to logical objects such as placement decisions and targeting algorithms. RevJet is producing breakthrough monetization levels and extraordinarily high volumes of new customers for social and mobile advertisers, publishers and app developers alike. LifeStreet reaches 350 million social and mobile app users monthly and has driven over 300 million app installs. The company was named one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America by Inc. Magazine and is headquartered in San Carlos, California with offices in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and Riga. For more information, please visit:

[1] A conversion is defined as an app install or deeper engagement event, such as tutorial completion or leveling in a game.


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