Lightweighting in Food and Drinks Packaging

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Lightweighting in Food and Drinks Packaging

The amount of packaging used in the delivery of consumer goods is an issue concerns many consumers and packaging waste reduction is a key goal of many environmental initiatives. This report highlights key innovations pursued by brand owners and packaging companies to reduce the amount and weight of packaging used in food and drinks products. Analyzes factors driving improvements in the environmental performance of packaging. Assesses the benefits of environmental packaging innovations. Explores the challenges of improving green credentials while maintaining packaging's role to protect, contain, and preserve food and drink products. Analyzes the latest innovations in lightweighting food and drinks packaging. Assesses the key influences on the future of lightweighting food and drinks packaging. Brand owners, retailers and packaging suppliers are responding to consumer pressure to improve environmental credentials. Lightweighting will become much more sophisticated, forming part of more comprehensive advancements in product packaging which address the resource efficiency throughout the lifecycle if the product and its packaging. Building standardized reporting metrics and labels as a platform for communicating with consumers is currently starting to develop and will provide brand owners and retailers the tools to capitalize on innovations. Collaboration on such projects across sectors will provide opportunities for all parties to advance their own CSR goals. Lightweighting will continue at pace in the future as brand owners look to reduce costs and improve their environmental credentials with consumers. It will move towards greater penetration in sectors where the opportunity has already been identified. More brand owners will take up the innovations which have been achieved by the industry leaders. What are the drivers influencing brand owners' strategies to reduce the environmental impact of food and drinks packaging? What are the most common types of environmental claims on packaging as identified through analysis of product launch data? What challenges do brand owners face in addressing environmental concerns while maintaining the functionality of packaging? Which category has seen the most successful innovations in packaging through lightweighting?


•The place of lightweighting in the sustainability landscape

•Drivers of sustainable packaging

•Innovations in lightweighting

•Challenges for packaging functionality and branding

•The future of lightweighting

Lightweighting in the sustainability landscape



•Solid waste volumes in the US, EU, and Asia-Pacific

- United States

- European Union

- Asia Pacific

•Approaches to making packaging sustainable

- Different types of sustainable packaging solutions

•Why focus on lightweighting?

Drivers of sustainable packaging


•The business benefits of sustainable packaging

•Public awareness of packaging sustainability issues

•Legislative drivers for sustainable packaging

•Retail and industry initiatives for sustainable packaging

- Life cycle assessment – a holistic approach to sustainability

- Industry examples of successful life cycle analysis for better sustainability

- Major brand owners innovate across categories

Innovations in lightweighting



•Environmental packaging claims

•Lightweighting by category

- Alcoholic beverages

- Non alcoholic beverages

- Other categories

- Case study: Easter egg packaging reductions

•Different types of lightweighting according to packaging type

- Glass bottles and jars

- Plastic bottles

- Bottle closures

- Cans

- Plastic film and pouches

- Paper, board, and corrugated

- Lightweighting packaging throughout the supply chain

Challenges for packaging functionality and branding



•The importance of maintaining branding

•The importance of maintaining packaging functionality

- Competing trends in packaging

•Finding the optimum packaging model

The future of lightweighting



•Future lightweighting innovation strategies

•Collaboration throughout the supply chain and society

•Communication and building trust with consumers

- Standardizing language and labeling




- (Untitled sub-section)

- Secondary research




•Figure: Resource efficiency loop

•Figure: US total municipal solid waste by category, measured by weight, 2009

•Figure: The waste hierarchy

•Figure: ISO Standard 14040: Life Cycle Assessment

•Figure: Product life cycle

•Figure: Product packaging environmental claims 2010

•Figure: Product packaging claims: share of types of environmental claims

•Figure: Lightweighting packaging claims by category

•Figure: Standard 'Bordeaux' wine bottle design– reduced weight

•Figure: Lightweighting in bottled beer

•Figure: Wolf Blass Green Label lightweight PET bottle

•Figure: Products launched in plastic film pouches rather than glass

•Figure: Alternative pack designs for wine

•Figure: Reducing packaging weight of plastic bottles in the soft drinks category

•Figure: PepsiCo's EcoFina bottle and Nestlé's Eco Shape bottle

•Figure: Waitrose minced beef in new snip and slide waste reducing packaging

•Figure: Kellogg's Frosted Flakes new box design

•Figure: Cereals supplied in bags rather than boxes

•Figure: The role of packaging

•Figure: The packaging matrix

•Figure: Optimum packaging model

•Figure: Innovation hierarchy

•Figure: Incremental environmental impact savings

•Figure: Key parties in packaging innovation

•Figure: Tesco's carbon footprinting

Companies Mentioned

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV, Aviva Plc, Bunzl plc, CMS Energy Corporation, Colgate-Palmolive Company, Hutchison 3G UK Limited, Informa plc, Ipsos SA, J Sainsbury plc, Marks and Spencer Group plc, Nestlé SA, Network Equipment Technologies, Inc., Odwalla, Inc., Oxford University Press, Queensland University of Technology, SABMiller, SIG Combibloc Group, SymphonyIRI Group, Inc., The World Bank, Unilever, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

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