Lilliputian Systems Announces Sampling of USB 3.0 Nectar™ Mobile Power System and Hosting Private Demos with Prospective Partners and Investors at CES

Jan 02, 2014, 10:13 ET from Lilliputian Systems, Inc.

BOSTON, Jan. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lilliputian Systems, Inc., a developer of portable power products for consumer electronics, is currently sampling the new Nectar™ 3.0 Mobile Power System and hosting prospective partner and investor demo meetings at CES.  Lilliputian executives will be available for more information on the high-power USB 3.0 compliant Nectar device and the Silicon Power Cell™ in January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

"We are tremendously excited to introduce our revolutionary USB 3.0 Nectar™ device," said Lilliputian CEO Sohail Khan. "Our original Nectar™ USB 2.0 system was an absolute game changer for today's smartphones and other portable electronics.  With the introduction of the higher-power Nectar™ USB 3.0 system, users can take advantage of even faster charging speeds in smartphones and tablets, both today and well into the future.  This new generation product, together with our recent increases in power delivery, solidifies Nectar™ and our Silicon Power Cell™ as the only platform that truly addresses the challenge of keeping today's mobile devices powered – a problem that is getting increasingly worse in our always connected world."

The Nectar™ 3.0 Mobile Power System is a compact, lightweight and highly portable device that powers and charges virtually any of the billions of consumer electronic devices - smart phones, tablets, eReaders, mp3 players, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, etc.– that comply with the USB 3.0 power standard. This revolutionary product keeps consumer electronic devices powered for up to two weeks with a single, light weight Nectar Pod™ power cartridge.  Each easy-to-use one ounce Nectar Pod contains 50 watt hours of energy.  Consumers will be secure in knowing that their next charge is always available and they no longer need to rely on, or hunt for, traditional wall outlets to charge their portable electronics.

Both the Nectar™ Mobile Power System and Nectar Pods cartridges have been approved for carry-on and use aboard regular commercial aircraft by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and U.S. Department of Transportation.  Additionally, Nectar significantly reduces the need for consumers to travel with cables, power adapters, and spare batteries; lightening the load and offering the first truly portable solution to the myriad of mobile power challenges faced by today's consumer.

Lilliputian Systems is scheduling private meetings with potential partners and investors in January at CES in Las Vegas.  For additional information or to arrange a private meeting and demonstration of the Nectar™ 3.0 Mobile Mower System, please contact Laura Ryan at

About Lilliputian Systems

Lilliputian Systems, Inc. has developed the world's first Personal Power™ solution for Consumer Electronics (CE) devices, a revolutionary family of products targeted at the $50 billion portable power market.  The company's breakthrough solution, the Nectar Mobile Power System, delivers the only viable small form-factor battery replacement that provides the enormous run-time improvements demanded by today's CE devices.  Inside Nectar™ is Lilliputian's patented Silicon Power Cell™ technology. The technology is based on highly efficient solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) wafer fabrication methods, including key nanotechnology elements, and is fueled by recyclable high energy power cartridges, or pods.  The technology is reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and approved for carry-on and use on domestic and international flights.  Lilliputian's technology enables a 5-10X longer run-time versus similarly sized batteries.  The company's elegantly designed solution both complements today's devices and can seamlessly integrate into future devices – all while ensuring the consumer enjoys an essentially infinite supply of Personal Power™ for their CE devices.  For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @NectarPower

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