LinguaSys Develops Thai Language Translation Software for Major U.S. Financial Firm

LinguaSys Announces New Machine Translation Customers and Partners

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Jul 07, 2010, 11:00 ET from LinguaSys, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- LinguaSys, Inc., a new next generation machine translation (MT) company, has signed an agreement with one of the largest financial services firms in the U.S. to create and customize the Thai language to and from English, enhancing their existing MT architecture.

"This is a phenomenal technology," said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys.  "Not only can we produce extremely high quality translations, but we can create whole new languages in a matter of months for an extremely low price.  And our technology goes from any language to any language, rather than being English centric, like most other MT systems.  I think we are the logical choice for any enterprise that requires on-premise, secure, highly customized MT systems."

As part of LinguaSys' strategy to increase their revenue generation opportunities, Garr said that distribution and sales agreements have been signed with the following organizations:

  • MAPA Group, a business development strategic and tactical consulting firm.  MAPA Group will promote LinguaSys to the U.S. Government, International NGOs and commercial entities.  Philippe Kuperman, a partner at MAPA Group who has years of experience selling and distributing MT systems said, "LinguaSys is a new promising paradigm in the search for the 'holy grail' of automated translation."

  • The Dray Group, which specializes in iPhone and iPad applications for the enterprise.   "Language translation is something that we see demand for in the enterprise," said Dray Group's Denny Adams.  "The years of experience that the LinguaSys founders have in this industry encourages us to partner with them as a leader in their field."

  • Managing Worldwide, a Paris-based consultancy that helps multinational organizations increase their levels of efficiency through greater management of cultural diversity.  Roisin Saunier, Associate Partner for Managing Worldwide said, "In today's global economy where international mergers and acquisitions have become a commonplace occurrence, language barriers and divergent business practices are two of the top five challenges cited by employees.  LinguaSys will help us break down those barriers."

Formed through a joint venture agreement with leaders in the MT field - Brian Garr, Can Unal of iCore Effective in Germany, and Vadim Berman of Digital Sonata in Australia - LinguaSys develops new MT languages for Carabao technology invented by Digital Sonata.  Brian Garr is CEO.  Can Unal is President.  Vadim Berman is CTO.  Garr has 15 years of experience in the MT industry as an executive.  Garr contributed to the MT efforts of both Globalink as CTO, and to IBM as Program Director.  Unal has over ten years of experience installing and adding value to MT systems with his TransGen client technology which runs on a browser, and which will soon run on iPhone and Android platforms.  Berman, the author of Carabao, brings a wealth of dedicated experience to the field of MT and text analysis.  Carabao is a hybrid system using both statistical and rules-based methodologies.

LinguaSys is an international language translation software company that develops enterprise MT languages based on Carabao MT technology and the TransGen line of MT client and server based products.  Their main office is located at the Technology Business Incubator at Florida Atlantic Research & Development Park.  Visit

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