LinguaSys Launches First Private Multilingual Mobile Chat Rooms for Android Devices - The TransGen Mobile Translation Application

Get Ready to Chat in Multiple Languages Using Your Android Phone

Sep 30, 2010, 09:45 ET from LinguaSys, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- LinguaSys, Inc., a next generation machine translation (MT) company, today announced the launch of an application providing the first multilingual private mobile chat rooms for Android clients, called TransGen Mobile.  TransGen Mobile is available through the Android Marketplace starting today.

The TransGen Mobile multilingual translation application offers:

  • Private persistent chat rooms
  • Permission-based chat
  • Multiple languages in a single chat room
  • Moderated chat
  • Scalability – up to 500 users per chat room
  • Personal translation option without chat
  • A choice of Machine Translation engines
  • Expandability – future TransGen Mobile releases will include text-to-speech
  • In-house control of data and content with the enterprise version
  • Enterprises can attach the TransGen Mobile client to in-house customized Machine Translation servers
  • The enterprise, self-hosted version includes Android-moderated chats and secure in-house-moderated, translated chat using multiple devices including Android phones, iPhones and desktop chat clients

Initially written as proof-of-concept translation application for the military, LinguaSys is now making TransGen Mobile translation capability available to all retail Android phone users through the Android Marketplace.  An enterprise version is also available directly from LinguaSys. TransGen Mobile offers personal translation when not in chat mode, and private multilingual chat when in chat mode.  Users can create multiple chat rooms and moderate multiple multilingual chats at the same time.

"TransGen Mobile private chat room translation for Android clients is unique in the marketplace offering Android-based moderated multilingual chat," said Brian Garr, CEO of LinguaSys. "Not only can we scale to over 500 users per chat room, participants can converse in different languages in a single room for an extremely low price.  In addition to the TransGen Mobile application for individual Android users, a high-end, highly customizable, behind-the firewall version is available for the enterprise. After creating the next generation of hybrid MT technology, it only made sense that we create the next generation of MT applications as well."  

With over 30 years of combined MT executive experience between the three founders, LinguaSys is well-positioned to understand the needs of enterprise and retail users of Machine Translation.

LinguaSys is an international language translation software company that develops enterprise MT languages based on Carabao MT technology and the TransGen line of MT client and server- based products. Their main office is located at the Technology Business Incubator at Florida Atlantic Research & Development Park. Visit


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