LiquidEdge Solutions Announces Its Authorized Reseller and Authorized Independent Representative Programs

Jan 13, 2010, 09:00 ET from LiquidEdge Solutions

DALLAS, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- LiquidEdge Solutions, a leader in the collection scoring, call and letter sloping, and the risk management industry has launched its authorized reseller and independent representative programs.

Authorized resellers and independent representatives will now be able to sell tier best products and services previously available to a select few organizations.  LiquidEdge has over 100 unique collection scores and 50 sloping models producing tier best performance.

"Our products and services are ideal for collection consulting companies and consultants who hope to round out their offerings with tier best products and services.  Our generous commission programs will improve partner profitability.  Our proven tier best products and services will solidify and deepen the relationships our partners have with their clients," states Rick Wittwer, President of LiquidEdge Solutions.

LiquidEdge Solutions' offerings will enhance the performance and reduce the risk of any organization collecting on all types and all ages of debt.  "We have solutions for credit card, auto, utility, medical, payday, DDA, in stat, out of stat, pre and post charge off, secured and unsecured, and many more," Wittwer stated.  

Interested more in Risk Management and Compliance Services?  LiquidEdge Solutions has a comprehensive family of products and services designed to reduce a collection organization's volume and severity of FDCPA suits and regulatory fines.  Partners can rely on LiquidEdge to quickly assess the level of risk an organization is operating under and provide solutions beginning with recruiting and ending with an annual certification and monitoring program.

LiquidEdge Solutions will be holding its annual meeting of resellers at February's DBA conference in Las Vegas. For more information on LiquidEdge Solutions' Reseller and Independent Representative Programs please contact Rick Wittwer, President at 877-294-4065 or

About Global LiquidEdge Solutions

Global LiquidEdge Solutions is a financial services company dedicated to providing solutions to improve collections, lower collection expense, and reduce the risk of suits and regulatory fines.  For more on LiquidEdge and its services call 877-294-4065.  LiquidEdge is located at 3030 McKinney Ave #1701, Dallas TX 75204.

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