LiquidEdge Solutions Releases CollectionEdge, a Family of Collection Enhancement Scores Designed Specifically to Address the Payment Behavior of Debtors in the New Economy and Beyond

Jan 12, 2010, 09:00 ET from LiquidEdge Solutions

DALLAS, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Credit and collection industry veterans Rick Wittwer and Drew MacDonald, both former senior executives at Fortune 500 lending institutions, most recently with Washington Mutual, have joined forces to launch Global LiquidEdge Solutions.

LiquidEdge Solutions has developed and markets its patent pending scoring and sloping models to the accounts receivables management industry.  These collection enhancement and expense reduction tools are matched with comprehensive risk management programs designed to minimize FDCPA related suits and regulatory fines.  

"We are dedicated to providing all the tools a collection organization needs to improve its collections, reduce its collection expense, and minimize risk of suits and fines.  We provide the key tools that will enable a collection organization to grow in a safe and controlled manner.  The collection industry is still using the same old collection scores and sloping strategies hoping for similar results realized in past years.  Unfortunately, they aren't optimizing account liquidation in today's environment.  Everything is quite different now," LiquidEdge President Wittwer stated.

LiquidEdge Solutions' family of collection scores, sloping strategies, and services have been developed and refined to produce optimal results in the current distressed economy and beyond.  With over 120 different scores developed, tested, and proven, LiquidEdge can assist most lenders, collection agencies, and debt buyers optimize the liquidation of their accounts.

Wittwer says, "While managing collections at WAMU's card business, I found the effectiveness of collection scores diminished as the economy worsened.  Unfortunately, the major score providers had no explanations or solutions.  No score provider could help me develop the optimal sloping strategy for call frequency to reduce my costs.  CollectionEdge scores and sloping strategies are providing top tier results today."

CollectionEdge scores and sloping strategies provide immediate improvement by concentrating collection efforts on accounts that are the most collectable, thereby accelerating your collections and reducing your collection expense.  For those accounts that become more collectable, LiquidEdge provides a rescore of accounts at 90 days.  This ensures the highest level of liquidation possible with the least amount of expense.  

CollectionEdge sloping strategies are sold as a subscription.  They refresh the sloping strategy every quarter ensuring changes in consumer behavior are reflected.

About Global LiquidEdge Solutions

Global LiquidEdge Solutions is a financial services company dedicated to providing solutions to improve collections, lower collection expense, and reduce the risk of suits and regulatory fines.  For more on LiquidEdge and its services call 877-294-4065.  LiquidEdge is located at 3030 McKinney Ave #1701, Dallas TX 75204.

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