Listening to Oriental Music and Experiencing the Sensation of Pipa

Jul 27, 2012, 08:38 ET from City Channel of CRI Online

LIAOYUAN, China, July 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- On July 26, Liaoyuan City of Jilin Province held the "2012 First International Pipa Culture & Arts Festival of Liaoyuan", at which 2012 Pipa players of Liaoyuan played A Golden Snake Dances to challenge the Guinness world record. When the performance was over, Wu Xiaohong, the verifier of Guinness World Records announced that the application of Guinness world record of the group performance of Pipa in Liaoyuan was approved.  An original report on this story by City Channel of CRI Online follows: 


Liaoyuan city is located in the south central part of Jilin Province, which is named because it's the headstream of the Dongliao River. Liaoyuan, which was developed into a royal "Shengjing" paddock, has a long history. It is also called "royal deer park" and the "Hometown of Chinese sika deer" because it's the first place where sika deer were domesticated by people. Liaoyuan, which is honored as the "Hometown of Chinese farmer painting", "Hometown of Er'renzhuan" and "Hometown of Chinese Manchu Paper-cut" has rich cultural deposits with unique features. In September 2008, the Ministry of Culture awarded Liaoyuan city the title of "Hometown of Chinese Pipa". In Liaoyuan, the education and training of Pipa is at a domestic leading level. More than 580 Liaoyuan students are studying Pipa in various arts institutions of China and more than half of the students majoring in Pipa at the Central Conservatory of Music come from Liaoyuan. At present, many students from South Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. are trained with Pipa in Liaoyuan. Pipa has been an important cultural business card of Liaoyuan City.  

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Pipa is a traditional Chinese plucked instrument with a long history, which originates from the historical straight-nape Pipa and bent-nape Pipa. To play Pipa, one should press the strings at relevant areas with the left hand fingers and pluck strings with right hand fingers which wear fake nails made of celluloid (or hawksbill). Pipa is widely used for the accompaniment of national bands, various local opera and folk art forms. The well-known music of Pipa includes Ambush on All Sides, the Conqueror Unarms and Lady Zhaojun Crossing the Frontier, etc.  Pipa also often appears in poems of ancient poets, such as "Pipa Player" of Bai Juyi, "Liangzhou Music" of Wang Han and "Dongfengpo" of Su Shi, etc.  

The range of Pipa is broad. When it's played, the sound breaks silence suddenly. The beautiful melody and tactful tunes are sometimes like mountain streams when Pipa is played fast and sometimes like a peaceful moon and flowers played slowly. People will feel time stops for the helpless desolation flying in a dreamy world.

Sima Yi

SOURCE City Channel of CRI Online