Litigation Finance Leader Lake Whillans Releases Code of Conduct

Mar 09, 2016, 13:42 ET from Lake Whillans Litigation Finance LLC

SAN FRANCISCO, March 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Lake Whillans Litigation Finance LLC, a firm specializing in litigation finance and distressed venture capital, today released its Code of Conduct, a series of principals that guide its diligence process and partnership arrangements.

Lakes Whillans' six principles detail the company's commitments to: confidentiality, expediency, reserve capitalization, funding requirements, claimholder settlement authority and attorney independence.

"As litigation finance grows in the U.S., it is important that the industry continues to evolve in such a way that it promotes efficient capital solutions for businesses and supports general economic growth," said Lee Drucker, cofounder of Lake Whillans.  "The publication of our Code of Conduct is an expression of our firm's commitment to principals that we believe are essential in providing a financial product that is beneficial for business, providing companies with a means to allocate resources to their highest and best use."

Lake Whillans' Code of Conduct is published on its website at and is informed by the firm's three plus years of providing litigation funding to companies in industries that include: telecommunications, medical device, pharmaceutical, construction, and software. The firm has over $50 million in active capital.

"Our firm's specific focus is on helping high-growth, often venture-backed businesses," added Drucker. "We offer capital solutions to manage legal claims and fund operations, and/or to lead financing rounds or buy-out existing investors. We also offer guidance and resources so that entrepreneurs can devote their attention to what is most important - building their company."

About Lake Whillans Litigation Finance
Lake Whillans is a litigation finance and distressed venture capital firm serving the national market.  Among the ways that Lake Whillans invests in companies include:  purchasing an interest in the proceeds of a claim or portfolio of claims, purchasing claims or assets in their entirety or directly investing in companies whose prospects are closely tied to the outcome of a litigation or arbitration.  More information about the firm and the clients it serves is available at


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