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Express Valet Parking Raises the Level of Performance in Parking Services

Sep 06, 2012, 16:24 ET from Express Valet Parking

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all grown accustomed to apathetic sales clerks and long waits for even the most basic of services from banks and other large corporations. You may also have noticed a countertrend where some companies go out of their way to make sure that employees provide only the best, most efficient and friendly service possible. Express Valet Parking has remained committed to being the leader in providing outstanding parking services throughout its tenure as one of the top valet services in the highly busy and competitive market of greater Los Angeles.

Even if customers visiting top restaurants, boutiques, and other businesses don't always know the name of Express Valet Services, many regular patrons instinctively relax when they see the maroon vest, white shirt, and black slacks worn by the company's employees. These customers know their needs will be met with speed, efficiency, and respect.

As a company managing over a hundred locations throughout Southern California, Express Valet Parking is highly aware that customers who use its executive valet parking services are often extremely busy. Employees also know that these same customers may have been sitting for long periods in stop-and-go traffic and may well be running late. At a time like that, no one wants to waste time waiting for employees who seem less than fully committed to their jobs. Express Valet Parking staff members are trained to perform as efficiently as possible so that customers can be free to move on with their day in record time. 

There are other challenges, of course. Many people who use valet parking services may have special needs or requests. Some may be concerned for the state of their vehicles; others may need additional assistance, such as retrieving needed items they have left in their cars or dealing with any number of possible minor emergencies. Express Valet Parking has been praised by innumerable customers for its ability to solve these issues with maximum speed and reliability. Many of the company's valets seem to have an uncanny ability to instill calm in customers who may be under a great deal of stress – and, of course, nothing puts a customer in a better mood than having a problem solved quickly.

A great parking service company needs to master the basics, but it's the small, extra services that make the difference between acceptable performance and truly outstanding customer care. To give your business the customer service edge provided by Express Valet Parking, visit the company website at Express Valet Parking also provides first-rate services for all kinds of private events and parties.

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