LITTLE DOME Leads New Trend of International Fashion Toothpaste

Aug 17, 2015, 07:52 ET from Egg Endless Biotech Co., Ltd.

CHANGCHUN, China, Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- LITTLE DOME, a brand new toothpaste that differs from the traditional, tube-shaped toothpastes, is taking the cosmetic market by storm.

Wrapped in a colorful round can, this novel and convenient toothpaste uses precious plant essential oils and has been praised by consumers as healthy, fragrant and fresh.

Designed by the team at Egg Endless Biotech Co., Ltd, based in Changchun, China, and led by Yang Lei, a prominent entrepreneur in China in the 90s, LITTLE DOME toothpaste has achieved extraordinary success, gaining RMB 20 million in investment before even arriving on the market.

Reported hundreds of times in the media, LITTLE DOME toothpaste was the appointed brand for celebrities who attended the 24th annual China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in March, and officially announced its entry into the international market with an advertisement in New York's Time Square in May.

How can a toothpaste also become a fashion item?

LITTLE DOME toothpaste raised the idea for the first time that toothpaste should not be limited to the basic function of cleaning teeth, but rather as a new way of expressing personality and fashion. Some essential oils, which used to be ingredients of products like perfume, cosmetics and shower gel, are used in the toothpaste for the first time. These essential oil ingredients are not only good for dental care, but also helpful in enhancing oral antioxidants and anti-aging ability, while an aromatic formulation makes fresh breath more lasting.

LITTLE DOME toothpaste also sees the first adoption of a botanical pheromone and uses a colorful, spherical pump head squeeze type design that does away with traditional toothpaste packaging, making LITTLE DOME both more convenient and easy on the eye.

In times of fierce competition among international brand giants in the cosmetic market, Yang Lei's LITTLE DOME toothpaste has created a brand new category, and is leading the way in this emerging market, proving that toothpaste can also be fashion.

Yang's target is to add a new category to the fashion product market and establish another powerful Chinese force in the international cosmetics sector.

SOURCE Egg Endless Biotech Co., Ltd.