Little Hug Rewards Georgia Teacher's Back To School Generosity

Aug 12, 2013, 13:12 ET from American Beverage Corporation

VERONA, Pa., Aug. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Robert Horne, a special education teacher from Gainesville, GA is preparing to do what he's done at the start of every school year for decades. He's putting the needs of his students first. This year, though, the stakes are much higher.

A few months back Mr. Horne stopped at Walmart to pick up some drinks and snacks to give his students an end of the year party. One item he bought was Little Hug Fruit Barrels, the juice drink his class likes best.  He didn't realize that there was a promotion going on and that certain cartons contained instant cash prizes until he opened a carton and found a $3000 prize inside.

Mr. Horne's immediate reaction was to think about the best way to spend the prize money to improve his classroom. He decided to go big, and buy iPads for his classroom. At least that was the plan, until an unexpected health issue came along.  Mr. Horne learned that he had cancer.  That news probably would change the priorities of most people, but Mr. Horne was undeterred. Those iPads still needed to get into the hands of his kids.

When Little Hug heard that Mr. Horne planned to donate iPads to the classroom, they jumped right in.  "We're committed to great schools and to recognizing great teachers who make them," said Tim Barr, Vice President of Marketing for Little Hug. "And besides, when your tagline is 'Give a Hug, Get a Smile' you really need to smile on such a positive story."

Little Hug donated 20 iPads to Gainesville High School. "Wow!" said School Principal Mrs. LaCrisia Larkin. "We're always telling kids that when they do good things, they will be rewarded. Here's first hand proof!"

Little Hug added a sweet punctuation mark to the gift by providing a free year's supply of its fruit drink barrels to every student in his class. "Mr. Horne has set such a great example of sharing," said Tim Barr, "that we wanted to give each family enough free Little Hug coupons to share with their friends and family in the community."

In case you are wondering, Mr. Horne's doctors say that his cancer has been detected very early, and are very hopeful about his treatment. And, there are still plenty of cartons of Little Hug available with instant cash prizes in them, including a $10,000 grand prize. That means there are plenty more smiles to go around.

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Video with caption: "When a Special Ed Teacher won a $3000 prize from Little Hug kids drink, he decided to spend it on iPads for his class...even after learning that he had cancer. This is the story of the incredible reaction to his act of kindness from Little Hug, and from his colleagues." Video available at:

Image with caption: "Mr. Robert Horne is a dedicated Special Ed teacher who puts the needs of his students first." Image available at:

Image with caption: "Little Hug Fruit Barrels donated 20 iPads to Mr. Horne's Special Ed class and a year's supply of juice drinks to each student." Image available at:


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