LiveHive Launches Enabling Smarter Work Through Collaboration

Visual Workspace Collaboration Across Web, Tablets and Smartphones Drives Engagement and Builds Business Memory

Mar 12, 2013, 12:30 ET from LiveHive Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveHive Inc. today launches LiveHive, a solution that enables anyone to seamlessly collect, organize, share and discuss their work from anywhere at anytime. LiveHive uniquely redefines collaboration for the cloud generation by bringing content, team members and discussions into a single place while driving team engagement and building business memory. LiveHive can be accessed via web browser, tablet or smartphone making it easy for the right people to stay current and productive regardless of location.

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LiveHive allows users to create visual and social workspaces with any type of file or document, including Google documents, desktop documents, webpages, videos, audio files and more along with associated team conversations. Any workspace or item within may be shared with appropriate team members or kept private with the option to exercise granular control of role permissions for anyone invited to the workspace.

"Whether it's e-mail, files in the cloud, desktop files or photos on your mobile, content today is consumed in many different forms and lives in many different places which can prevent companies from efficiently collaborating," said Ramon Nunez, CEO of LiveHive. "LiveHive takes inspiration from some of the best consumer apps on the market to make collaboration a visual and engaging experience."

LiveHive's activity stream feature allows anyone with access to a workspace to join a conversation in order to add posts or feedback about an item as well as track back through time to view notes at any point in the history of the workspace. The activity stream offers users a way to tap into the conversation around a project that isn't normally accessible, versus having to scan through disconnected emails. 

In addition, LiveHive is built around today's normal workflow, allowing users to add and capture content whenever inspiration strikes while leveraging the commonly used tools and sources ranging from webpages and Google docs to videos. LiveHive excels at fostering collaboration for ad hoc projects that arise when an individual or team needs to gather content from different sources.

"Today, the content we use for collaboration is stored everywhere from e-mail, social networks, cloud storage, desktops and mobile devices," says Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "LiveHive's approach to bring all of our content together into a uniquely visual and accessible workspace should be a welcome solution that increases workflow efficiency and caters to the growing BYOD trend."

LiveHive Features:

  • Add anything (webpages, documents, links, videos, email, Google Docs, chats, audio files, etc.) into a workspace while keeping original form and structure
  • Share workspaces and control how sharing is done including the ability to sever links and set permission levels for others invited to the workspace
  • Collect items through drag and drop, webpage capture or linking
  • Google Apps integration including Google Docs and Google Contacts
  • Dropbox and Google Drive files can be accessed and included in your workspaces
  • Access workspaces from any Kindle, Android or iOS device
  • Capture webpages from any mobile device and add them to workspaces from anywhere

Pricing and Availability
Anyone who signs up for LiveHive receives three workspaces with up to 300 items free for life.

LiveHive also offers three pricing plans:

  • Personal: Up to 400 workspaces for $8.95 per user per month
  • Business Pro: Up to 500 workspaces and administrative controls for $9.95 per user per month
  • Business Max: Unlimited amount of workspaces and administrative controls for $15.95 per user per month

About Live Hive Inc.
Based in San Jose Calif., LiveHive Inc. pioneered LiveHive, a visual and social workspace that enables teams and individuals to collaborate on plans and projects across any device. Formerly known as CaptureToCloud, LiveHive was founded in May 2011 with a mission to create a work management/collaboration solution for small to medium businesses. The company raised $4.7M in funding from investor Acero Capital in July, 2012.

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