LiveHive Visual Collaboration Solution Launches Industry First with LiveTags

LiveTags Supercharge Productivity Adding Dynamic Layer of Workflow Within LiveHive Collaborative Workspaces

Jun 27, 2013, 14:07 ET from LiveHive Inc.

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveHive Inc. today announces the addition of LiveTags to its cloud based collaborative workspaces, enabling users to surface key action items, status changes, due dates, key decision points and any other critical information within LiveHive. With LiveTags, LiveHive's collaboration solution brings workflow action into workspaces by taking tagging to an entirely new level. LiveTags go beyond traditional organizing and search by giving users active work management tools and the ability to optimize workflow.

LiveHive's visual and collaborative cloud service allows professionals and teams to bring together any type of web, desktop, media, email or cloud file organized into visual workspaces. LiveHive can be accessed via web browser, tablet or smartphone making it easy for everyone to stay current and productive regardless of location.

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"LiveTags are a unique and customizable solution that trumps rigid, traditional project tools and to-do lists," said Fritz Mueller, VP of Product Management at LiveHive. "When an organization uses LiveHive and LiveTags, they build durable business memory and maximize their retained intelligence, all while increasing productivity and control over their work."

LiveTags are tags with "workflow values" such as due dates, assignments, priorities and status attached to them. With LiveTags, users can assign tasks with dates at the moment they are seen in a discussion stream and immediately tag other related information making it easy to keep a to-do list relevant and up-to-date. LiveTag values can be created by users or be admin-defined. Admin-defined values have the benefit of standardizing items such as status levels or priority names across an organization. Both the patent-pending LiveTag concept and the application of LiveTags to free-form text are industry firsts.

Once LiveTags are set up, they can be searched to create ad hoc lists of to-do items, due dates, top priorities or actions. LiveTags are searchable within any workspace or across all workspaces and have the option to be private or public so that any LiveHive user can view and search through them. Applying LiveTags to free form text means that previously unstructured, critical discussion information can now be put directly into actionable workflow.

"Our customers manage business projects within their companies and beyond. They requested a simple way to manage and drive workflow," said Laura Lilyquist, VP of Marketing at LiveHive. "LiveTags provides the answer giving businesses the flexibility and control they need."

Example Uses of LiveTags:

  • Partner management – new content is tagged with product, source and key details for reseller channel partners
  • Research sharing – a new discovery in one project is tagged with source, follow-up and priority details for researchers on other projects
  • Product launch – intelligence discovered during a beta product launch is tagged with tester inputs, backlog date and feature details for product managers

Pricing and Availability
Anyone who signs up for LiveHive will have access to LiveTags. Google Apps businesses can try LiveHive with a free 30-day trial.

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Based in San Jose CA, LiveHive Inc. pioneered a visual and social workspace solution that provides simplified business collaboration. Formerly known as CaptureToCloud, LiveHive was founded in May 2011 with a mission to use the best consumer software design to develop easy to adopt solutions for small to medium businesses. The company raised $4.7M in funding from investor Acero Capital in July 2012.

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