LiveIntent Appoints Jason Kelly as President

Former President of Millennial Media and Sociomantic CEO Will Lead Sales, Operations and Marketing

Jan 25, 2016, 07:30 ET from LiveIntent

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveIntent today announced that Jason Kelly has joined LiveIntent as President. Kelly will report directly to LiveIntent CEO and Founder Matt Keiser.

"When we started LiveIntent, we were focused on creating a solution that sat at the intersection of marketing and advertising within email. Our platform now serves over 1100 publishers and 800 brands to reach over 120 million unique monthly users. We have brought the features and functionality of other digital channels to email. We've made the emails that brands send more effective by enabling machine learning, programmatic buying and selling, and audience extension all in real-time in email. We've empowered brands to do all this without sending a single extra email," said Keiser. "We have proven email is no longer about sending email. In the six years since we launched our platform, we have developed a way for brands to market to people, irrespective of device, in the channel that customers most want to hear from them, where they are spending over six hours per day. Our innovations in the email channel (the first channel to go cross-device back in the long-forgotten era of the Blackberry), is now the core of modern cross-device and cross-channel targeting, and the most widely used parameter for measurement and attribution linking online and offline activity. Jason's insights, derived from his successes at public and global companies, will be key to LiveIntent as we expand ."

"There are two things that drove me to join LiveIntent, and they are the two tenets that have powered my career: I want to work with outstanding talent, and I want to fill a client need with differentiated technology," said Kelly. "LiveIntent, through acquisitions and recruitment, has amassed a formidable stable of talent on the engineering, marketing, and sales side, among others. I've known Matt Keiser for a long time and I knew the chance to play off each other's strengths would lead to a great partnership. LiveIntent's value proposition is also the rare one in the modern marketplace: brands actually want and need it."

Kelly's body of work has prepared him to meet many of LiveIntent's core challenges:

  • At Rapt, prior to being owned by Microsoft, he developed expertise in the importance of yield management, essential to LiveIntent's customers.
  • At Admeld, before becoming part of Google, he spearheaded efforts to hire the best and brightest while fostering rapid growth and technology: essential to LiveIntent as it recruits and launches innovations that serve its rising customer demands.
  • At Sociomantic, prior to becoming part of Dunhumby, he shepherded their efforts at Marketing to Intent using first-party data, a focus for LiveIntent driven by its Avari and Mojn acquisitions.
  • At Millennial Media, before becoming part of AOL/Verizon, he was witness to how disruptive mobile is to traditional advertising technology, which is technology that relies on cookies. This ability to market beyond cookies is one of the drivers behind my decisions to join LiveIntent.

Email, despite years of predictions that it would shrink in popularity, remains the most popular activity on mobile and desktop and is the most common log-in across the internet. The email address is your digital passport and continues to be the workhorse that powers CRM for marketers. LiveIntent's recent combination of CRM capability with sophisticated intent data and modeling creates a perfect storm for brands and advertisers hungering to capitalize on engaged users in a smart way. Since LiveIntent uses the anonymized email address (like Facebook, Google, Criteo and others) in conjunction with cookies, brands can seamlessly reach their customers deterministically in premium first-party inventory available nowhere else. The LiveIntent platform delivers unique deterministic reach for marketers looking to engage their customers where they are spending the most time and are most receptive to marketing: email. 

Jason will be tasked with managing the core business of LiveIntent as the email address experiences its newfound renaissance. This focus will empower Keiser to focus on Finance, People, Product, Data Science and Engineering, while continuing to manage the integration of LiveIntent's recent acquisitions.

The hire represents a start to 2016 for LiveIntent with another incredible year at its back. In addition to Jason, LiveIntent recently brought aboard:

  • Eric Raab, former CIO of Yodle as its first EVP Engineering
  • Shiven Ramji, formerly VP Products at NBC Universal and Head of Global Shopper & Marketing Insights Products at Amazon as its first Chief Product Officer
  • Carsten Hyldahl, Founder of Mojn, as its first CTO

In addition to the high-profile hires, 2015 also saw for LiveIntent:

In a world of desultory outcomes and belt-tightening, LiveIntent is attracting some of the best talent in the industry. LiveIntent has been named the #2 fastest-growing company in New York for an unprecedented 2 straight years, and the reason is simple: Joining the LiveIntent platform is an easy sell for most brands. LiveIntent's platform provides better marketing and more yield, all while mapping a brand's cookies to their CRM data (powered by LiveIntent's No Identity Graph).
The platform provides a non-obvious way to harness the power of a brand's 1st party data with the expertise of their marketing and CRM team, all without alienating traditional media buyers and agencies. LiveIntent solves a problem every large brand has: finding a smarter way to market to people (not pixels). Brands are being faced with a world where their customers' attention is fragmented while the number of devices they employ is proliferating. LiveIntent solves that problem in a way that complements a brands' existing Ad-Tech strategies.

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LiveIntent is a smarter way to market and advertise in email. The LiveIntent platform helps over 900 top brands deliver marketing and advertising messages to over 120MM unique, engaged people each month, in emails sent by over 1100 top US publishers and brands to their loyal subscribers. In 2010, LiveIntent cut its teeth as a smarter way to buy and sell ads in email and has since been recognized in both 2014 and 2015 as the second fastest growing company in NYC (by Crain's) and as one of America's Most Promising Companies (Forbes 2015.) With the email address at the center of its platform, LiveIntent has evolved beyond simply putting ads in email. LiveIntent is now one of the largest people-based marketing platforms in the world and also one of the first, having gone to market with the technology in 2010. LiveIntent is headquartered in NYC, with offices in Austin, Copenhagen, Detroit, Berlin, and the UK, serving as home to 209 people and counting.

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