LoanMe's Premier and "Second Mortgage" Look Alike Loans Bring the Buying Power of a Second Mortgage with None of the Risks

Jan 06, 2016, 07:00 ET from LoanMe

ANAHEIM, Calif., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- LoanMe Inc., an established alternative online lender headquartered in Orange County, is pleased to present the arrival of two new loans: LoanMe Small Business' Premier Loan and LoanMe Personal's Look Alike Loan.

The Premier Loan allows small businesses access to funds without having to tap their home equity. This can be a game changer for those owners who may find opening a line of credit to be particularly challenging. The loan amount can go up to $250,000 without using a home as collateral. Historically, home equity has been a valuable tool to fund a business. With aftershocks from the crisis of 2007 continuing to make it difficult for owners to use their home equity to fund their businesses, LoanMe offers a better way.

In the area of personal loans, LoanMe Personal's "Second Mortgage" Look-Alike Loan allows a homeowner to gain funds through an unsecured loan in amounts typically associated with a second mortgage. Borrowers can now receive as much as $100,000 to spend in all the ways they might use a second mortgage without putting their home up as collateral. In fact, homeownership is not even required to qualify for this loan.

For both loans, once approved, LoanMe's streamlined application process can have funds deposited into customers' bank accounts as quickly as the same day. Both the Premier and the "Second Mortgage" Look Alike Loans have fixed interest rates and no hidden fees. This means that the borrower can repay the loan with a predictable and affordable minimum monthly payment, without any surprises. They can even prepay the loan without any penalties.

With interest rates as low as 14.9% and origination fees from 7.5%, Premier loans can be a great option for business owners. Meanwhile consumers can take advantage of The "Second Mortgage" Look Alike Loans with rates starting from 9.9% and an APR as low as 11.39%, if they qualify. These potent loan alternatives are expected to compliment each other well in the marketplace. Both loans are available online at

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