LoanSafeMods Helps Homeowners Through The Mortgage Modification Process With The REST Report

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SAN DIEGO, April 12, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- is a licensee of the REST Report, a third party analytics tool that helps property owners to find the best possible foreclosure alternatives. It does this by comparing all the available data on current government and no government loan work out programs, such as the HAMP and the HARP, to the financial and mortgage information submitted by the homeowner.

The analysis takes less than three days and once it is finished the homeowner will not only know exactly what they qualify for, but they will also have a document showing solid evidence of what they should be approved for. This prevents delays in the modification process and insures that the bank or loan servicer treats the homeowner fairly.

So far the REST Report has helped thousands of property owners to avail of the mortgage modifications that they deserve. By removing the mystery and uncertainty of the modification process, it relieves stress, gives homeowners hope, helps modification officers to do their jobs faster and prevents any illegal loan modification application denials.

The REST serves as such solid and accurate evidence that it can even be submitted as proof in a court of law if a homeowner feels that they were denied a modification unjustly. Basically what this tool does is to level the playing field and ensure that the banks and loan servicers are not all powerful and their decisions final and unquestionable. It empowers homeowners to have more control over the fate of their homes and to make the right decisions based on their unique mortgage situations.

By going through there is also the benefit of having constant support and advice from the LoanSafeMods Homeowner Advocate team. The team will walk the homeowner through each step of the modification process, giving them advice on how they should present their mortgage modification application process and answering their questions whenever they get a call or letter from their bank or servicer.

This helps to ensure that the homeowner never feels "lost" along the way, which is a big step forward from the way things were previously done when applying for loan modifications. In the past, those seeking a modification would need to submit their financial info, their hardship letter and any other supporting documents, and then they would cross their fingers for up to 12 months to find out if they were denied or approved.

This period of waiting was usually a very difficult time. Often the homeowner would still get letters from their bank threatening foreclosure while the modification was still in review. However, now homeowners can rest easy with the fact that they know exactly what they should qualify for and if the bank decides to deny their modification they always have a course of redress, unlike before where the bank's decision was unquestionable.

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