LoanSafeMods Provides New Tools For Easy Loan Modification

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SAN DIEGO, March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- offers the perfect solution to homeowners looking for accurate information on the mortgage modification process. With the help of Real Estate Services And Technology Report (REST Report) a person can quickly find out whether or not he qualifies for the modification program of his choice.

To avoid foreclosure most people follow the conventional route: they submit their application along with a hardship letter, cash flow report and other necessary documents. In doing so, their aim is to paint a picture regarding their financial problems. Once the application has been submitted they have no choice but to sit back and wait for a response from the lender. Unfortunately this approach has many inherent problems. The REST system was created to solve these problems and to make mortgage modification an easier, less complicated process for homeowners.

Loan modification used to be an extremely complicated and time-intensive process before the creation of third-party analytical tools like REST. A property owner had to overcome many hurdles in order to get his application approved. First of all, it was very difficult to decide whether to go for modification or a short sale. As a result, people often ended up making the wrong decision. Second of all, a person couldn't have his application approved without passing the NPV test. This test has always been very important in the mortgage modification process. Third of all, it wasn't possible for applicants to challenge the decision of the lender. Lastly, the processing time of 8 to 12 months was extremely stressful for property owners. The REST report has resolved all the above-mentioned problems and completely revolutionized the mortgage industry.

In 48 to 72 hours the REST report can predict the outcome of an application and tell the homeowner whether he qualifies for the modification program of his choice or not. It can also be used to analyze a rejected application and find out how to get it approved by the bank. Moreover, the report is also helpful in reducing the processing time. An application that has this document attached to it carries a lot more weight than a normal application. In most cases people using the REST report get approved for modification within a few months. The REST report has empowered thousands of property owners to get approved for mortgage modifications they deserve. Thanks to this system it is now possible to challenge the decision made by a bank. If a person is completely certain that he meets the criteria necessary for a modification he can take the matter to court and use the report as proof against the lender., a licensee of REST, aims to educate and help people looking for foreclosure alternatives. Now property owners can get all the important information regarding REST and use a number of advanced tools by visiting this website. The company behind has a great reputation in the mortgage industry. Click here for more info.

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