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SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- helps homeowners to connect with one of the most powerful tools when it comes to mortgage modification – the REST Report. The REST Report (Real Estate Services and Technology Report) is a trusted and highly accurate third party analytics tool that can help property owners and loan servicers see exactly which mortgage modification or refinance programs the particular mortgage situation qualifies for.

Thousands of homeowners have used this tool to save their homes from foreclosure and obtain the modifications that they needed and deserved. Without the REST Report, the mortgage modification process can be a very stressful time for property owners and in some cases the modification process can even be very unfair for the homeowner. For example, in the past if the modification request was denied, there would be no option for the homeowner to challenge the decision of the loan servicer.

If the bank denied their modification request they would have no explanation as to why this happened. It could be a legitimate denial or it could be a simple mistake with the request submission. The REST Report puts a stop to this shroud of uncertainty. Instead of waiting for several months or even several years, after which the request could be denied without explanation, the REST Report delivers answers in just a matter of days.

Within 48 to 72 hours, homeowners can see exactly what programs they qualify for. If there is a problem with their mortgage situation and they are unable to meet the requirements for any of the available government or non government loan work out programs, the REST Report will show exactly what the problem is so that the homeowner can work to improve their situation.

However, if the REST Report results show that the home loan should qualify for a modification, but the loan servicer still denies the request, the homeowner will also have a course of redress thanks to the REST Report. While in the past the decision of the bank or loan servicer was final and unquestionable, many people are now taking these decisions to deny modifications to court since the REST is respected as completely accurate and thus can be used as undeniable evidence if and when a homeowner decides to take legal action to contest a mortgage modification denial.

Because the loan servicers know that homeowners now have this option, many property owners have found that submitting results from their REST Report can help to get their modification proved without the delays many have experienced in the past. Also contributing to this speedy approval is the fact that the REST Report organizes the homeowner's financial information and streamlines the submission so that it is easier for the modification officers at the bank to see why they should approve the modification.

These benefits make the REST Report one of the best tools that homeowners have ever had at their disposal. To find out more about this analysis tool and view video testimonials from those who have used the Report, click here

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