Local Educators and AIC Doctoral Students go to Afghanistan

Mar 26, 2013, 12:42 ET from MENLO Company Global

LONGMEADOW, Mass., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MENLO Global is pleased to announce that its non-operating partner, Rick Roque, a management team member with Residential Finance Corporation and doctoral student at American International College, and Neil Gile, Principal of WolfSwamp Elementary School in Longmeadow, Massachusetts and also a doctoral student at American International College, are traveling to Kabul, Afghanistan to meet with educators, administrative leaders and students at Bakhtar University.  While there, they will visit with K-12 schools and meet with local administrators to understand the broader educational needs in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  "I am excited to engage with the new leaders in an emerging market such as Afghanistan," says Rick Roque.  "The students here are eager to learn how to build a reliable economic infrastructure in order to encourage outside investments in their economy; we are literally engaging with the next generation leaders of the new Afghanistan - and we are honored to be a part of it." MENLO has a near 4 year working relationship with Bakhtar University, with a core focus on emerging markets such as Thailand, Turkey, West Africa and Afghanistan. "We are especially honored to have Mr. Roque and Mr. Gile visit our University and to build an academic and professional bridge between American International, Longmeadow Schools and our students," says Abdul Latif Roshan, founder and Chancellor of Bakhtar University.  "Mr. Gile's instructional and professional development experience with other educators, and Mr. Roque's contribution in the areas of economic development, institutional relationships and administrative leadership, will help give us broader ideas to expand our educational goals, and for that I am very grateful of their time and sacrifices."  

During the Longmeadow School Committee meeting, held on March 18th, Roque and Gile explained their interests in establishing an educational relationship with Bakhtar University, which is the first private university in Afghanistan to admit women to their student body enrollment. 

Roque and Gile, native Vermonters, have an appreciation for both rural and urban education and community development conditions.  "I am particularly excited to meet with administrators and teachers in Afghanistan to understand their student assessment methodologies and their overall educational goals," says Neil Gile.  "Whether you are a student in Bristol, Vermont or Longmeadow, Massachusetts, students at all grades are affected by the global world we live in today.  To play my part to help Longmeadow students and teachers bridge that cultural gap is the least I can do."  

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