Local Movie Producers hope to instill Neighborhood "Unity" Amongst Youth with New Film

Feb 14, 2013, 12:14 ET from Rob Amaefule's Office

CHICAGO, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - As Chicago continues to fall victim to senseless youth violence and record setting crime rates, two film producers from the south suburbs look to provide their community with positive messages of community and respect with their new dove seal family film, My Lucky Elephant.

"This is a film that our kids here need in Chicago in light of all the gun violence and deaths that have taken place over the last two years and even this month," said film producer Carey Westburg.

Westberg, who owns the Tinley Park Roller Rink in the south suburbs, interacts daily with children while managing his rink. With his business being a major staple of the community for over 50 years, Westburg felt the need to offer a fresh and unique message to kids in the community with his new film.

"I wanted to make a wholesome film where kids can learn about good values, respect, passion, and to just simply get along with each other. It was important try to create an avenue where families looking trough a film can do so," said Westburg.

And that he did. Westburg and director Eric Schwab tell the story of how two orphans, a young boy and an elephant named Lucky instantly bonded to become best friends and eventually live and work together to stay alive despite steep hurdles of a hectic new environment. Despite obvious differences, the two were able to understand one another through love, compassion and appreciation of their environment.

For the first time, life is starting to pan out for the family deprived young boy until he realizes his best friend is unhappy. Falling in love, Lucky longs for a family life with his companion. The young boy is then faced with the possibly of letting go of the only thing that has gone right in his life for the happiness of his friendly elephant.

"It's a sacrifice of love that really teaches us a lesson about doing the right thing—even if that means loosing something in return," said producer Marge Quitter. That's something we hope stays in the mind of the young ones watching this film."

A film set for kids of all ages, My Lucky Elephant is a film predicated on good values and an appreciation for one another. For more information on the movie, which will be available on DVD and VOD on Feb 26th, go to MyLuckyElephantMovie.com.

SOURCE Rob Amaefule's Office