LockerDome Rolls Out 3.0 and Begins Evolving Beyond Just Sports

LockerDome's New Features include Lockers, Unified Conversations, and Embeddable Content for the popular Social Media Platform

Dec 10, 2013, 10:00 ET from LockerDome

ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- LockerDome, a popular social media platform that serves as a publishing platform for thousands of media properties, brands, celebrities, and professional sports teams, and home to more than 20 million monthly unique visitors, announced a user-focused overhaul of the platform today, dubbed LockerDome 3.0.

LockerDome's revamped platform provides its millions of active users tools to create public collections of their favorite content, along with greatly enhanced capabilities to discover and engage with millions of like-minded people around the world. In addition to enhanced user capabilities, the new platform signifies an important evolution for the popular social media platform from just sports to a more holistic, interest-based platform.

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New features include:

  • Lockers: Imagine if you could easily collaborate with others to bring together the best content, all in one place. Hello, Lockers. Lockers are public collections of things that interest you. Collect anything from classic sports video clips to keepsake news articles to your favorite music.
  • Unified Conversations: Imagine if the conversation wasn't limited to just your friends. With LockerDome 3.0 conversations about the same topic are merged into a single, unified conversation. Discover like-minded people and topics that you actually care about, all in one place.
  • Embeddable Content: Imagine if you could easily populate your website with feeds of the best content from around the web. Within seconds you can now embed LockerDome content and activity feeds into your website; it's as easy as copying and pasting.

"In 2012, we made an aggressive bet on the evolution of social media from friends to interests," said Gabe Lozano, LockerDome co-founder and CEO. "Building on our strength in the sports market, we started quietly building a network anchored by things we like, as opposed to people we know. The bet is paying off, as the market demand for interest-based platforms is skyrocketing. Today marks day one of introducing our vision for this market to our millions of users and the world. Say hello to LockerDome 3.0."

"LockerDome 3.0 is one of the most exciting developments we have seen in social media, and you can bet it's where our fans will be able to engage with our coolest content," said Angela Leaney, Harlem Globetrotters International Inc., Executive Vice President, Brand Marketing. "Our fans will get the inside track on the Globetrotters unique blend of sports and entertainment, and as you'd expect from us, there will definitely be laughs and surprises. It represents a seismic advance in how the Globetrotters can activate our global fan base. We're psyched to be involved."

In conjunction with the launch of LockerDome 3.0 the Harlem Globetrotters will kick off a 30-day "What's in our Locker?" contest, aimed at highlighting the unique new tools the platform offers and providing an inside look into one of sports entertainment's most storied properties. The contest will be filled with exclusive content and VIP giveaways.

LockerDome 3.0 continues to build upon its strengths as a publishing platform for top media properties, celebrities, brands, and professional sports teams. In addition to gaining access to Lockers, unified conversations, and embeddable content, publishers will also benefit from LockerDome's core publisher tools – contests, quizzes, and polls – having all undergone significant upgrades. LockerDome's high-profile publisher list includes media properties, such as Lee Enterprises, Defy Media (a merger between Alloy Digital and Break Media), Woven Media, Operation Sports, and Gannett; star athletes, such as Troy Polamalu, Larry Fitzgerald, Ray Lewis, Hunter Pence, and the Upton brothers; and world-class entertainment promotional firms, such as Golden Boy Promotions and Mayweather Promotions.

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LockerDome Publisher Testimonials

"LockerDome has proven to be a great asset to our clients, helping organically grow their social footprint and connecting them with reputable brands like Wahl Trimmers. The new platform looks magnificent and will provide expanded opportunities for us to add value to our clients and to help them connect with their fans in a meaningful way."

"Running our promotional campaigns through LockerDome has driven immediate spikes in social growth, generated quality engagement, and grown our fan base. We've really enjoyed working with their talented team of creative and responsive individuals. I highly recommend working with LockerDome."

"LockerDome is the only platform that provides a complete interactive experience for my clients and their fans. The ease of the platform opens doors for celebrities to expand their fanbases, interact with those fans in fun and imaginative ways while giving back to them to thank them for their support. It's the ultimate win-win situation."

"LockerDome's new interface is a quantum leap forward: the bold look and feel will attract new audiences and provide existing fans a great new place to congregate. Seeing our products in action as our customers Hang pictures and videos in our Lockers gives us a new window into the life of our brand outside of the digital world."

"LockerDome has proven to be a very valuable platform for our clients to connect with fans but also has provided unique ways to produce mutually beneficial relationships with current endorsers and has given us a way to show future value to potential endorsers. I expect the new platform to make that process even easier and to continue to break new ground in athlete/fan/endorser relationships."

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