Locket Launches My Ads -- "What Ads Do You Want to See on Your Lock Screen?"

Aug 23, 2013, 20:40 ET from Locket, Inc.

NEW YORK, Aug. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- After the explosive launch of its Android application that delivers ads on smartphone lock screens and rewards users for simply unlocking their phones, a month later, NYC-based startup Locket launches a new platform called My Ads. One of the most novel ad campaigns of the year, My Ads asks users, "What ads do you want to see on your lock screen?" The platform allows users to submit and vote for brands and products they want to see. With the results, Locket plans to bring in the most requested brands. Within 20 minutes of advertising My Ads on the Locket lock screen, My Ads had over a thousand entries of brands from the users, proving the effectiveness of Locket's advertising platform.

"Last month, we introduced a new way to look at mobile advertising," says Yunha Kim, the CEO and co-founder of Locket, "We tell brands and advertisers to forget tiny banner ads and intrusive interstitial ads. Why not use one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in advertising, the smartphone lock screen, and be the first thing users see every time they wake up their phone?"

Within two days of launching the Android application, Locket acquired more than 25K users across the US. Just one month after launch, Locket is delivering more than 5 million full-screen, print-quality ads on Android devices. Locket is receiving lots of love from Fortune 500 companies, including Hershey's who has partnered with Locket to launch an innovative campaign to be announced shortly. Locket is boasting its industry-record engagement metrics with its "First Glance Advertising" platform.

"Without having used Locket, people might question, who would want more ads in their life?" says Christopher Crawford, co-founder of Locket. "But the truth is people do want to see the ads if they are beautiful and inspiring – think of all the artful magazine ads that you've seen." After its launch, Locket received thousands of emails from users, listing the brands and products they wanted to see. "We want to ensure the highest quality platform, so that consumers see ads not as a burden, rather an enjoyable part of their lives. So we thought, why don't we just ask the consumer what they would like to see on their lock screen?"

Last month, Locket disrupted the mobile advertising industry. This month, Locket is disrupting the way consumers interact with brands. "Consumers should be able to voice what brands and products they want to see," says Yunha Kim. "Every ad we put out there needs to be beautiful and inspiring. Waking up your phone should be a delightful experience."

You can find the My Ads platform here and the Locket Android app on the Google Play here.

About Locket
Locket is an NYC-based company that transforms how brands are able to connect, communicate and message advertising to consumers through what they call "First Glance Advertising." Locket delivers beautiful, print-quality ads on smartphone lock screens, and rewards users for simply swiping to unlock their phones.

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