LOGIC Captures #1 Position For Electronic Cigarettes In Total U.S. Unit Share

Aug 13, 2014, 17:30 ET from LOGIC Technology

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LOGIC Technology, makers of premium electronic cigarettes, announced today the latest results from Nielsen's C-Track Database, indicating that the brand has captured the #1 position in the U.S. for unit share in convenience stores nationwide. Additionally, LOGIC continues to maintain a strong hold on the #2 rank for dollar share across the U.S.

Currently, LOGIC leads the category in total U.S. unit share at 24.3%.  In total U.S. dollar share, LOGIC holds the #2 rank at 22.9%. The Nielsen data confirms LOGIC's strong market presence as it approaches the #1 position overall within the electronic cigarette industry in the U.S. 

"The latest Nielsen Brand Rank report further solidifies our place within this dynamic industry, and we are thrilled to claim the #1 position for total U.S. unit share," said Miguel Martin, President of LOGIC Technology. "We are particularly pleased that during a period where we experienced significant competitive product launches, LOGIC retained a 62.8% share of the Northeast C-store segment, as well as experienced growth in units and dollars sold. We would like to thank our retailers and wholesalers for their tremendous support of our programs and products."

For more information on LOGIC Technology, visit www.LogicEcig.com.  LOGIC electronic cigarettes are available in disposable and rechargeable versions at convenience stores nationwide as well as on the company's website.

About LOGIC Technology

LOGIC is the leader in premium electronic cigarettes, offering a smarter alternative to smoking tobacco products. With multiple industry leading patents, LOGIC sets itself apart by featuring revolutionary technology that delivers the most realistic smoking experience. Simulating the feeling and taste of a real cigarette, LOGIC provides a sensory experience that satisfies a smoker's addictive cravings for nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand-to-mouth motion and vapor release. For more information, please visit www.logicecig.com; twitter.com/logicecig; and facebook.com/LogicECigarette.