LOGIC Technology Relocates to South Florida

Premium E-Cigarette Company Opens New Headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL

Jan 13, 2014, 06:00 ET from LOGIC Technology

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- LOGIC Technology, the second largest electronic cigarette company according to Nielsen, today announced the opening of new corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL.  Previously based in Livingston, NJ, LOGIC Technology has settled into a brand new 23,000 sq. ft. space to better handle customer service both domestically and internationally as LOGIC continues steady and rapid growth.

According to Nielsen, LOGIC Technology commands 22.6% of the e-cig category's total unit share in the United States.  LOGIC's new headquarters will accelerate the ability to meet the growing adult smoker demand. The new facilities will house the executive team as well as a sophisticated warehouse infrastructure for receiving and shipping product domestically and internationally.   

"We are thrilled with our new facility and advanced capabilities that will allow LOGIC to continue to offer a high level of customer service during our rapid growth," said Miguel Martin, President of LOGIC Technology. "We look forward to having our trade partners visit and explore our new facility so that we can better meet the growing needs of customers."

For those trade partners interested in LOGIC Technologies innovative and successful products, please contact Chris Colon, Vice President of Trade Marketing, at 973-214-8668.

For more information about LOGIC Technology, visit www.LogicEcig.com.  LOGIC e-cigarettes are available in disposable and rechargeable versions and available at convenience stores nationwide as well as on the company's web site.

About LOGIC Technology
LOGIC is the leader in premium electronic cigarettes, offering a smarter alternative to smoking tobacco products. With multiple industry leading patents, LOGIC sets itself apart by featuring revolutionary technology that delivers the most realistic smoking experience. Simulating the feeling and taste of a real cigarette, LOGIC provides a sensory experience that satisfies a smoker's addictive cravings for nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand-to-mouth motion and vapor release. For more information, please visit www.logicecig.com; twitter.com/logicecig; and facebook.com/LogicECigarette.