Logicstudio Announces LEX 5.0 - an Innovative and Unique Approach to Comprehensive IT Service Management

Aug 03, 2010, 07:30 ET from Logicstudio Corporation

RESTON, Va., Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Logicstudio Corporation is proud to announce the release of the Logicstudio Enterprise eXchange (LEX) version 5.0. This release is the result of over a decade's worth of intensive and agile software R&D and represents an innovative and unique approach to comprehensive IT procurement, seat and asset management, ITIL-aligned service management, business process management, business intelligence, and auto-provisioning.

Logicstudio delivers cutting-edge automation tools for IT outsourcers, service integrators, and IT departments. LEX is known for its robust, natively-integrated product and service catalog, system configurators, auto-procurement, approval workflow, scanned receiving, issue management, seat & asset management modules with software license management, automated integration with third- party toolsets, and discovery. And now with LEX 5.0, Logicstudio adds the capabilities of full ITIL- oriented IT service management with CMDB, service portfolio management and service catalog/service request, business process management, business intelligence dashboard with forecasting, rules-based policies, tasking, Active Directory integration, and automated IT service delivery with auto-provisioning service agents, such as cloud auto-provisioning for Terremark™, VMWare vSphere™, and Microsoft Exchange™/Business Productivity Online Suite™ (BPOS).

"While we continually improve various facets of LEX based on our pulse of technology and the evolution of market demand, we are confident from our experiences of over ten years of dynamic and technically robust deployments that version 5.0 will provide IT outsourcers highly efficient approaches to automate processes and realize dramatic process and cost savings within a singular system with great ease-of-use. Our goal is to automate as much as logically possible in order to save considerable amounts of time and money for the customer," says Mel Landin, the President of Logicstudio. "The beauty of Logicstudio's modular system is that a manager can rapidly deploy LEX into the most challenging IT Management projects and actually measure and realize these savings immediately via LEX's great depth and breadth of features of its modules, offering performance metrics reporting and highly-automated workflow. LEX is designed to be used by the entire enterprise, from the end-user customer in the business units, to the service delivery managers, to the techs in the field – it is the unifying collaboration platform to optimize both human and machine business process management."

Even with the additional capabilities, LEX 5.0 still constitutes a minimal toolset "footprint" (typically less than 1 GB after many years of operation) from that of industry peers whose systems edge toward 100 GB for similar deployments. LEX continues to deliver reporting, chargeback invoicing, offer service requests, and process workflow with sub-second performance. This is noteworthy considering CIOs' emerging concerns for network bandwidth allocation, especially given the drive toward migrating from and legacy business applications to SaaS models in the cloud.

"Our approach to Service Management application design adheres to ITIL philosophies while stressing the 'last mile' of service delivery and practical management and implementation of ITIL best practices. This framework allows LEX to scale and integrate continuously without the intense technical support typical of complex ITSM deployments," according to John Rabin, Logicstudio's VP of Strategy & Marketing. "We built LEX with the intent to accommodate complex requirements with rapid stand-up and quickly adapt to perpetually-evolving business requirements. With LEX, authorized end-users can procure products and services, configure both the physical upgrade options and service levels of a system (SLA's) with full automation and transparency – and now with LEX version 5.0, automatically deliver services on-demand through auto-provisioning. We really see no limit to the system in supporting evolving complexities or forging best practices throughout an organization. And this is not constrained to just IT, we have had customers request and track everything from train stations to coffee filters with LEX."

With deployments to include NASA, DHS, Peace Corps, and the City of Indianapolis, Logicstudio has developed libraries of successful best practices and efficient business rules to meet tens of thousands of requirements from complex IT Management projects that provide flexible templates for future deployments across the Commercial, Federal, State & local markets. LEX 5.0 is designed to produce process savings and greater efficiencies that directly support the growing trends of firm fixed pricing and the need for greater transparency and situational awareness of internal and outsourced operations.

About Logicstudio:

Logicstudio Corporation is a small business that provides IT Service Management software to the Federal, State, and local government. The software – Logicstudio Enterprise exchange (LEX) – is a highly configurable ITIL-aligned system that implements workflow processes and integrates with third-party systems to offer a multitude of modern software modules and capabilities in a comprehensive web 2.0 portal and modular suite: ITIL-aligned service management, product & service catalog with parametric search and RFQ, automated feed & procurement, scanned receiving, seat/asset/just-in-time inventory management with financial reporting full lifecycle management and asset discovery, workflow with notification and escalation, issue management, business intelligence dashboards, and report generators, system/seat/SLA configurators, software license management and on-demand software auditing, rule-based automated policies, business process management & service delivery workflow with conditional tasking, and auto-provisioning for the cloud.

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