Lomadee: The World Cup provides opportunities for online advertising

Blogs, websites and social networks will be targets for major advertisers

Jun 17, 2013, 13:00 ET from Lomadee

SAO PAULO, June 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In addition to being known as the soccer country, Brazil also leads the ranking of countries that most access social networks in the world. According to IBOPE, social networking sites have had the highest percentage in recent times (36%), led by Facebook, with almost 44 million single visitors in December 2012, 22% more than in 2011.

With a high level of influence, social media sites do not only represent something fun for users, as a mini blog with personal posts. They´ve become so successful in the country, that most people use them as important corporate tools.

An IDC study shows that 34% of Brazilians use Facebook for work. Employees access the site at least once a day for business and personal purposes. Advertisers have already realized the power that social media has in leveraging sales and have been investing full swing in this sector.

Lomadee, the largest online advertising platform in Latin America , part of the Buscape Company, has observed this trend and proposes an even greater behavioral change for blogs, social networking sites and niche websites in light of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

Guga Stocco, Business and Strategy development VP for the Buscape Company, affirms that those who know how to do business ,with content on the internet, will be very well positioned in the corporate market.

"The greatest sport event in the world will drive e-commerce sales. Thus, advertisers are on the lookout for major blogs and social networks that will foster and leverage their brands, after all, e-consumers are more than ever focused on the internet, and will compare online prices in search of the best deals," analyzes Stocco.

For him, now is when publishers (content developers) need to organize and prepare a strategic plan. After all, there will also be FIFA Confederations Cup this year, a heated event for televisions, and the social media with marketing initiatives and product and service advertising  will extract the benefits of technology.

According to Stocco, the United States already use social media as a business strategy, and the results are noticed frequently, especially on commemorative dates.

Lomadee (www.lomadee.com):  online  advertising  platform,  spearheading  the  Latin  American affiliate  market,  which  promotes  partnerships  between  online  channels  and  advertisers.  With over 170,000 websites enrolled in Brazil, Lomadee offers a wide array of solutions to maximize online revenues and increase affiliate monthly earnings.

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