Long Lines Wireless Introduces Wireless Device Insurance Offering from eSecuritel

eSecuritel Handset Protection Program Helps Service Provider Improve Profitability by 65 Percent over Previous Program

Apr 14, 2010, 09:00 ET from eSecuritel

ATLANTA, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Long Lines Wireless® continually strives to maintain its strong reputation for providing the highest quality wireless service in Northwest Iowa and parts of Nebraska and South Dakota. To further support its efforts as well as maintain its position as a reliable and innovative operator, Long Lines has deployed a handset protection program for its subscribers from eSecuritel.    

eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive handset protection and replacement programs, gives Long Lines a revenue generating tool that provides an attractive way for subscribers to safeguard their wireless investment. One out of every four handsets suffers damage or is lost or stolen at some time during its lifecycle, according to industry statistics.  

"Continually improving the customer experience is critical to our success," said Brent Olson, CFO, Long Lines. "By switching to eSecuritel, we gain an important and proven method for helping us exceed the expectations of our customers. Since deploying eSecuritel's handset protection program, we have seen profitability increase by 65 percent over our previous program."  This increase in profitability was a result of eSecuritel's program providing greater revenue per subscriber, per month.

Long Lines will take advantage of eSecuritel's Web-based Handset Issue Tracking System (HITS™) technology. This unique software platform takes the worry and hassle out of running a complex program by managing for the service provider all related efforts from subscriber enrollment to claim fulfillment. Long Lines will offer customers an in-store fulfillment option allowing subscribers to visit any one of its retail stores where approved claims can be fulfilled in a matter of minutes instead of having to wait for a replacement to arrive by mail.  

HITS combines information tracking, operations management and data analysis capabilities to deliver an automated process for replacing damaged, lost or stolen wireless devices. Through the handset protection program, Long Lines will also provide coverage to include malfunction or mechanical and electronic failure beyond the manufacturer's warranty.  

eSecuritel's program fully complies with Department of Insurance regulations throughout the United States and Canada and are underwritten by an "A-Rated" insurer.  

"We take great pride in building, implementing and managing comprehensive handset protection programs," said David Leach, CEO, eSecuritel. "There's little doubt that the increasing cost of advanced handsets has led consumers to seek protection programs that will diminish any potential replacement costs associated with these expensive devices."

About eSecuritel

Founded in 2001, eSecuritel, the expert in comprehensive handset protection and replacement programs, delivers an unparalleled customer experience for subscribers and profitability for carriers and dealers. Unlike other services where only malfunction is covered, eSecuritel protects new, used, or prepaid wireless devices against loss, theft and accidental damage as well as mechanical/electronic failure and malfunction. As the cornerstone to our services delivery, our Handset Issue Tracking System, or HITS™ technology, easily integrates with a carrier's or dealer's systems, managing all aspects of the handset replacement program from subscriber enrollment to claim fulfillment. It removes the burden of program management, making it possible to deliver faster adjudication and replacement services to subscribers. For more information, visit http://www.esecuritel.com.  

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