Longtime Seattle Sports Journalists Offer Insight, Fun and Depth in New Site

Art Thiel, Steve Rudman Become Entrepreneurs With sportspressnw.com

Dec 02, 2010, 18:39 ET from Sportspress Northwest

SEATTLE, Dec. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Art Thiel and Steve Rudman join the fight today to help preserve the battered craft of local sports journalism by launching a compelling new web site, www.sportspressnw.com.

Since the demise of the print Seattle Post-Intelligencer twenty-one months ago, Mr. Thiel and Mr. Rudman have worked to bring together experienced writers, technology and business to provide a commentary site of unprecedented quality and volume that celebrates Northwest sports with video and audio as well as text. The new business will bring provocative coverage of Seattle sports that has insight, wit, depth, and research in a stand-alone enterprise that can be replicated in other major metro markets throughout the U.S.

The shrinkage of print journalism and the explosion of many voices through social media and the blogosphere have created confusion among many sports consumers.  Sportspress Northwest seeks to cut through the white noise to deliver seasoned commentary and news from familiar, credentialed writers. Free of the costs of print and helped by the availability of quality journalists, Sportspress Northwest makes a business of adhering to professional standards delivered on an accessible platform.

Featuring veterans from traditional journalism and well as citizen journalism, Sportspress Northwest has the right business model, intellectual capital, advertisers, sponsors and fans to sustain entrepreneurial journalism in the digital arena.

Sportspress Northwest begins with coverage of the five most popular Seattle-area teams –- Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners and University of Washington football and basketball.  Its Pressing the Point feature rotates the most recent commentary columns and analytical stories.  Daily Beat features current news of local teams. Team coverage includes rosters delivering biographies, feats and flops of every current major league player in town. Timelines chronicles all the teams' non-game developments.

The home-page Field of Play contains a compendium of fun features: Exit 164, the most wry and smart sports-item column in the market; That Was The Week That Was, Water Cooler Cool; Nobody Asks But Us; The Wayback Machine and Zeitgeist. They will inspire all manner of wry conversation-starters and -stoppers, and win so many bets that users may find themselves banned from their favorite bars.

About Sportspress Northwest

Co-founded by longtime Seattle journalists Art Thiel and Steve Rudman, Sportspress Northwest Inc. provides hyper-local sports news, delivered by credentialed journalists, to sports enthusiasts in the Northwest and around the country. Combining experience with freshness, Sportspress Northwest's local knowledge, passion and innovation creates an online sports content experience unprecedented in any single market.

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