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Oct 29, 2013, 13:58 ET from Herbalife Independent Distributor

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Nutritional boost for Wigan and Warrington

People in the Wigan and Warrington area who are looking to lose weight, or simply improve their general health, can now benefit from Herbalife's range of products. Independent distributor Adam Reid is now offering free wellness evaluations and supplying the most effective Herbalife products, whether you're looking to lose weight, improve your performance in sports, or just feel healthy within yourself.

Herbalife are one of the largest and most celebrated providers of health supplements on the market today, but many of us are unaware of what the company offers, and how they can benefit you. Herbalife began as a one-man business in 1980, with founder Mark Hughes selling his original weight loss programme from the boot of his car. In its first two years the company turned over sales of $2 million, as more and more people achieved promising results with the herbal-based products. By the year 1988 the company had grown in size and spread to the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.

By the 1990s the company brought in monthly sales of $20 million, with a range of scientifically-developed weight loss and wellbeing products. Over the next decade the company celebrated its 20 year anniversary, and launched the ever-popular range of ShapeWorks products, developed by a worldwide group of scientists specialising in the field of weight loss. With over three decades of experience in improving health and aiding weight loss, Herbalife now holds a badge of approval from the likes of FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Real Madrid's Christiano Ronaldo.

Adam Reid has lost two stone in only two months, simply by using Herbalife weight loss products as part of a healthy lifestyle. Specially developed products like the Herbalife Formula 1 shakes and bars offer a healthy but filling serving, which is high in protein but low in sugars or fats. This means you'll stay fuller for longer, without the need to snack on other unhealthy foods throughout the day. Herbalife offer a range of different snacks and meal replacements, all of which are designed to stop you from indulging in calorific or unhealthy snacks in between regular meals - one of the biggest hindrances to those seeking to lose weight. With the assistance of Herbalife products, your weight loss can be controlled and convenient, without any of the health risks associated with practices such as fasting or crash diets.

Adam will also be stocking products like Cell Activator and Florafibre, both of which ensure your body receives everything it needs, and performs to the best of its abilities, while also keeping hunger at bay. For those who are simply feeling run down or burnt out, Adam Reid will be distributing Herbalife's range of natural energy-boosting products. From QuickSpark which provides the necessary nutrients for efficient metabolic activity at a cellular level, to caffeine-based low sugar energy drinks, you can benefit from more energy and better productivity throughout the day. Herbalife have also developed guarana-based energy tablets, utilising the natural benefits of the plant without the added chemicals which are found in many of the bigger energy drinks.

For those around the Wigan and Warrington area who seek a competitive edge when playing sports or exercising, the Herbalife24 range will also be distributed by Adam Reid. A range of protein and electrolyte supplements, as well as meal replacement products, can help you to perform to the best of your abilities, while reducing recovery time and promoting both muscle recovery and healthy joints.

With such a wide range of herbal-based products available, Adam is offering free wellness evaluations to determine exactly which products can help you to achieve your goal, whether it's weight loss, improved sports performance, or simply an energetic sense of wellbeing. Adam will visit you in the comfort of your own home, where you'll calculate and discuss body fat percentage, hydration and your metabolic rate or age. On top of this, a food log and questionnaire will provide an insight into the best ways to achieve your goals and a healthier lifestyle. Your protein and calorie requirements can be measured and compared to your current eating habits, and the most appropriate Herbalife products can be suggested to supplement your pre-existing exercise and balanced diet.

For your own free wellness evaluation, and to discuss the weight loss and wellbeing potential of Herbalife products, contact Adam Reid today on +44(0)7746-332663 or at http://www.adamreid.hblf.net.


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