Looking at Computer Monitors, TopTen USA Finds Hidden Savings for Consumers

Jul 02, 2012, 12:00 ET from TopTen USA

WASHINGTON, July 2, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- TopTen USA (www.toptenusa.org), the leading independent source of consumer information on energy efficient products, has released its latest rankings of the most efficient computer monitors.  A wide variety of familiar monitor brands appear on the lists: Acer, Samsung, ViewSonic, AOC, Philips, Dell, and more, and some of the ranked models use just a quarter of the electricity of comparable monitors.

Without TopTen's rankings, however, finding efficiency winners would be a daunting task. June's listings of monitors which qualify for the government's Energy Star program included 1,882 larger models (more than 20 inches diagonal) and 1,438 models smaller than 20 inches. Within those 3,300 models, all of which meet the Energy Star standard for efficiency, there is  a considerable range of power consumption. For example, among 21.5-inch models, power consumption in "on" mode ranges between 9.7 watts and 39.25 watts. In other words, some models with the Energy Star label use four times the electricity of other same-size models. TopTenUSA's rankings find the ten best models in each size range.

The 10 efficiency leaders ranked in two size categories will save users money on their energy bills. "TopTen USA makes it easy for consumers to find and buy the most efficient products on the market," says Norman L. Dean, the nonprofit's president.  The TopTen USA website makes energy efficiency one-stop shopping: The site includes both online and local buying options, efficiency program rebate forms, and aggregated expert and consumer product reviews.

"With efficient models a click away, there's no reason for consumers to waste their money using electricity unnecessarily," says Dean. "It makes no more sense to buy an inefficient product than it does to light a fire using crumpled up $5 bills."

Background on TopTen USA
TopTen USA is a nonprofit founded in 2009 and dedicated to speeding the adoption of high-efficiency consumer products. Organized with the support of utilities, regional and national energy efficiency alliances, and national environmental groups, TopTen's experts identify the ten most efficient models in each of the most energy intensive consumer product categories. By promoting these "best of the best", TopTen makes it easy for consumers to find efficient options and encourages manufacturers and retailers to introduce increasingly efficient products. TopTen USA is allied with TopTen organizations in 16 European countries and China.

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Seth Bauer, VP Marketing