Loopd Teams With More Than a Dozen Exhibitors at SXSW 2015 to Showcase Breakthrough Proximity Marketing Solution with Relational Analytics

Loopd™ Now Available To Help Companies Capture, Analyze, And Quantify Interactions at Corporate Events via Bi-Directional Beacons, a Mobile App and Powerful Analytics

Feb 23, 2015, 08:00 ET from Loopd Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Loopd Inc., the emerging leader in relational analytics that measure proximity-based human interactions at corporate events, today announced general availability of its breakthrough solution for marketers.  The company also announced that it has partnered with thirteen exhibitors at South by Southwest 2015 (SXSW) to analyze attendee interactions and quantify engagement with Loopd.  The Loopd solution is the first of its kind, and gives marketers the ability to more accurately measure event ROI.

Using a unique system of bi-directional wearable beacons, a powerful mobile application and a relational analytics engine, only Loopd reveals the value of interactions at events and enables marketers to build more effective product, partner, and customer strategies.  Loopd monitors simple activities such as attendees exchanging contact information, sharing marketing materials and attending speaker sessions. With Loopd, marketers are able to track and analyze face-to-face interactions between decision makers and staff, as well as gauge attendees' level of interest by measuring the length and frequency of interactions.

Brian Friedman, CEO of Loopd, commented: "Analytics are key to understanding attendee interactions at events and responding with corporate strategies.  By tracking individual interactions, popularity of sessions, products, or partners, or enabling exchanges of contact information and content, marketers are able to focus event resources on activities and interactions much more efficiently, thereby establishing a more accurate measurement of event value."

According to a recent Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council study, marketers remain challenged to identify effective methods to measure and prove event ROI. "What this study demonstrates is that, now is the time to begin moving down this road of defining and tracking the value of event and experiential marketing," said Liz Miller, VP of Marketing Programs and Thought Leadership for CMO Council. 

To showcase the efficacy of the Loopd solution, thirteen SXSW exhibitors at the festival's Interactive Trade Show are participating in the Loopd Scavenger Hunt Challenge March 15 - 17.  Via the contest, marketers will be able to track interactions with attendees, easily share content, and analyze overall event value.  Exhibitors using Loopd will include:

10,000ft (www.10000ft.com) Booth 438
FestEvo(www.festevo.com) Booth 809
Freqsho (www.freqsho.com) Booth 815
GigSalad (www.gigsalad.com) Booth 707
Holonis (www.holonis.com) Booth 935
Misfit (www.misfit.com) Booth 601
NowSourcing (www.nowsourcing.com) Booth 239 
Nusiki (www.nusiki.com) Booth 811
Pixe Social (www.pixesocial.com) Booth 609
ShipStation (www.shipstation.com) Booth 506
Social Imprints (www.socialimprints.com) Booth 135
Tagkast (www.tagkast.com) Booth 839
Traitify (www.traitify.com) Booth 944

When assessing its involvement in the Loopd Scavenger Hunt Challenge, CEO Derek Mercer of Traitify, said: "I've never seen anything like Loopd before, and we're excited to use this solution to sift through the flood of contacts and interactions at SXSW to find a manageable set of mutually beneficial long-term relationships. With Loopd, we'll be able to determine what attendees find valuable, helping us to focus on the right event strategies in the future." 

A long-time SXSW exhibitor, Brian Wallace, President of NowSourcing, agreed: "We are so excited to use Loopd as an organizational tool. We've exhibited there for the past several years and know contact management can be overwhelming. We're constantly breaking the bounds of traditional technologies at our own company; so it's only natural for us to partner with an equally progressive company like Loopd. Welcome to the next wave of event marketing." 

Another experienced exhibitor, Martijn van Tilburg, CEO and Founder of 10,000ft, commented: "It has always been a challenge to measure the business impact of the events we attend. This technology could be an exciting addition to the future of event marketing, for vendors and attendees alike." 

The Loopd solution comprises three integrated components: 1) bi-directional beacons worn as connected badges by attendees and placed as hubs within partner booths, speaker sessions or other areas of interest; 2) an easy-to-use mobile app that connects to badges and attendees and helps identify the most valuable relationships; and 3) an analytics platform that reveals the depth and quality of face-to-face interactions. The solution shares contact information when users' connected badges are nearby and also records user event history.  Information can be exchanged between each connected badge, or via any hub in an area of interest. Through the app, attendees can view content and information presented by contacts they meet, partners they visit, and speaker sessions they attend.

"It's a very cool way to gain insights about the most influential people at an event while building an event community," said Head of Innovation, Bob Christopher, of Panasonic R&D Company of America.

Visit Loopd at SXSW booth #837 in the Startup Corner. 

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Loopd Inc. provides physical intelligence to corporate events. We help corporate marketers learn how people interact with each other, with the company, and with the company's products.  The Loopd relational analytics solution is the industry's only bi-directional solution that enables the exchange of content and contact information automatically while gathering rich analytics data so that marketers have a more sophisticated understanding of their most valuable business relationships. To learn more, visit our website.

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