Los Angeles Endodontist Provides Information about Root Canal Treatments and Specialists

Jun 18, 2014, 09:30 ET from EndodonticsLosAngeles.com

LOS ANGELES, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Visiting the Los Angeles endodontist at EndodonticsLosAngeles.com, local patients can learn more about how this procedure works and what it can offer them. A number of endodontic options are available, and patients may receive any of several possible recommendations depending on the findings of an exam. EndodonticsLosAngeles.com offers patients information about root canal treatments and endodontic specialists in Los Angeles. Root canal treatment, one of the most valuable modern procedures for helping preserve oral appearance and functionality, is often misunderstood by patients who may eventually need it.

Root canal offers several major advantages to patients who have tooth infections. Once an infection has reached the root of a tooth, it places the tooth at risk of extraction if timely treatment is not performed. If patients lose these teeth, they may experience a number of complications, including jaw bone resorption, loss of looks, increased risks of tooth decay and gum disease and shifting of other teeth. Root canal immediately eliminates the pain of root infection, guards teeth against future infections and helps treated teeth continue to look good in the future. Visit http://www.endodonticslosangeles.com to learn more about endodontic treatment and cost of root canal in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles root canal therapy expert at EndodonticsLosAngeles.com offers root canal surgery in addition to basic root canal treatment. While a standard root canal may be performed for basic tooth infections, root canal surgery may be indicated for advanced tooth infections or teeth that have become re-infected after past root canal treatments. Among surgical options, apicoectomy is the most common, involving removal of infected tissue from underneath the tooth. Intentional replantation, another form of endodontic surgery, involves removing an infected tooth to treat it before replanting it in the mouth. 

The Los Angeles endodontist at EndodonticsLosAngeles.com has completed specialized endodontic training in addition to dental school. As a practitioner of this ADA-recognized specialty, the endodontist can help patients whose teeth are at risk of extraction due to pulp infections. With help from the endodontist, area patients can preserve their appearance as well as their comfort and oral health. The endodontist is also an active member of several professional organizations, helping to ensure that patients receive the best possible care through the use of modern, industry-accepted techniques and equipment.

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