Los Angeles Federal District Judge Dismisses Large Portion of Saudi Family Feud Case against US Citizen: Glenn Stewart

Feb 11, 2013, 11:16 ET from Glenn Stewart Observer

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The United States District Court for the Central District of California has issued a ruling in Case No. CV 11-2596 JGB (Ex) that effectively dismisses a large portion of the legal claims brought by the Algosaibi Brothers Partnership in a civil lawsuit against Los Angeles resident and entrepreneur, Glenn Stewart. Stewart, who was forced to undergo an exfiltration to escape from unlawful detention in Bahrain, had worked for a company owned by the Algosaibi Brothers Partnership for many years.

The lawsuit is but a tiny part of a sea of litigation brought in other countries and jurisdictions involving an internal Algosaibi family feud dating back to 2009 in Saudi Arabia. According to court documents, the Algosaibi Brothers have charged that one of their partners/relatives allegedly mismanaged the business and purportedly conducted one of the largest financial frauds ever. According to Mr. Stewart's attorney Haig V. Kalbian, "We are unaware of any evidence to support this assertion and on the contrary evidence was presented to a trial court in London last year that proves the opposite."

In 2011, the Algosaibi Brothers filed a 20-count complaint [Case No. CV 11-2596 JGB (Ex)], seeking billions of dollars in compensatory and punitive damages from Stewart. The Algosaibis have been in litigation against family members in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Kingdom and the Cayman Islands, amongst other locations, since 2009. The Alogasaibis themselves have been under a travel ban issued by the Saudi King and directed not to leave Saudi Arabia as a result of this large family dispute. Stewart has claimed, via his attorneys in court filings, that the feud amongst the Algosaibi family members was directed to be settled by the Saudi King in early 2011. The Algosaibis, however, have denied this to the federal judge.

In ruling on Stewart's motion to dismiss, the law required the trial judge to assume that all allegations were true regardless if they were contrary to fact. Accordingly, the court must keep in any claim where the plaintiff has made allegations that might make up a plausible claim. The practical effect of the trial federal court's October 9th ruling is to dismiss no less than eight of the claims against Stewart and eliminate the claim for punitive damages and other relief not available in this lawsuit which will be decided based on foreign law. Mr. Stewart's attorney, Haig V. Kalbian, a Washington, D.C. based attorney, who has worked on many high stakes litigations involving disputes arising in the Middle East, has stated that his client looks forward to defending the remaining claims and proving to a Los Angeles jury of his peers that the allegations brought by this Saudi family have absolutely no merit.

SOURCE Glenn Stewart Observer