Lotame and TransMedia Partner on the Glide OS Secure Cloud Data Platform

Mar 08, 2011, 08:42 ET from TransMedia

NEW YORK, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TransMedia, developers of the industry leading Glide OS http://www.glideos.com and Lotame http://www.Lotame.com, a leader in marketing technology, announced today a partnership to provide data analytics for the Glide OS platform in support of Glide's opt-in data centric business model.

Glide's integrated suite of web-based applications for productivity, communication, social interaction and search make it possible to collect a broad set of anonymous behavioral data. While Glide consists of many individual applications that perform specific functions (Glide Write (Word Processor), Glide Email, Glide Search etc.), Glide is effectively one integrated application. All of Glide's applications access one set of user data and files stored in a user account and are governed by one set of system rules.

The breadth and integration of the Glide application suite provide an important competitive advantage when compared with other cloud based application suites. Many competing cloud application suites are the result of an M&A or partner driven product strategy that does not produce the benefits of integration. The concept of Glide is based on the premise that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Integration makes it possible for Glide users to access all of their personal files and data as well as Glide's interwoven application suite from any Glide application.

Glide Data Security

Glide's granular permissions based sharing features are accessible from any Glide application providing users with an efficient platform for secure collaboration. Glide Guard, a file security and tracking feature enables Glide users to track all of the locations (personal folders, shared folders, emails, group discussions, meetings etc.) where a file is accessible, everyone who has access to that file and provides the ability to instantly retract or change access rights enhancing user control of personal data.

"What makes Glide compelling as a data driven platform is the breadth and integration of the application suite encompassing areas of productivity, communication, social interaction, search and location based services," said Donald Leka, Chairman and CEO of TransMedia. "We look forward to working with Lotame to offer data analytics that benefit our users with an emphasis on user control of personal data."

"The data-centric approach of Glide's cloud OS blazes new trails," said Andy Monfried, CEO of Lotame. "Leveraging Lotame's Crowd Control analytics platform and Glide's unique data-capture methodologies will provide tangible value to users, and will therefore open up exciting new opportunities for marketers. When marketers understand their audiences more deeply, they will spend more on media to reach those consumers."

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