Louisiana Food Company Spotlights Fall Favorite, Fais do-do Gumbo

Gumbo Mix Offers Budget-Friendly Pricing, Traditional Flavors

Sep 12, 2011, 08:00 ET from Louisiana Food Company

BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Louisiana Food Company (OTCBB: LUSI), a purveyor of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products, today spotlighted its Fais do-do Gumbo, a Fall and Winter favorite in South Louisiana.  LUSI's Fais do-do Gumbo is currently available on South Louisiana grocers' shelves and at the company's online store.

"Our Fais do-do Gumbo is budget-friendly, while at the same time delivering an authentic version of a traditional favorite with a depth of flavor that is rarely associated with a mix product," said David Loflin, LUSI's President.  Mr. Loflin also stated that the Fais do-do Gumbo labeling is an original work of art that captures the energy and motion of an old-time fais do-do, or Cajun dance party.

As with LUSI's other products, the labeling for its Fais do-do Gumbo carries with it a story inspired by the history, the culture and the people of South Louisiana:

He rocked . . . deliberately.  He spoke . . . deliberately . . . until our conversation turned to summers spent on the bayou, at his father's camp.  The rocking stopped.  My friend sat straight up and a smile spread across his face.  "As a boy," he started, "my daddy had a camp pretty far south of Baton Rouge and we'd head there most weekends during the summer.  We'd run, fish, swim, all day with the kids from the other camps," he smiled.  "But the best part of those weekends started Saturday afternoons, when everyone would gather at one of the camps and the women would start cookin' supper.  I remember there was always a big cast iron pot of gumbo, fried fish, shrimp, cornbread, rice, greens . . . I'll always have those smells," my friend mused.  "Then, after everyone was stuffed, usually Daddy would get out his accordion and Uncle Lou would pick up his fiddle.  This meant it was time for us youngsters to head inside, so the adults could dance in the nearest clearing," he grinned. "The grandmas would rock the babies to sleep, while the older kids played games in the other room.  We'd strain our ears trying to hear what was goin' on out there, peeked out the front door, too!  After a while, we could hear the laughter begin to rise up over the accordion and fiddle . . . -- continued at www.louisianafoodcompany.com/gumbo.

Capturing South Louisiana

From the outset, LUSI's management has believed that the rich and diverse cultural heritage of South Louisiana would provide a natural source of inspiration for its product labels.  As works of art, LUSI's product labels capture the movement and energy that is South Louisiana -- they are "eye-grabbers," and retailer and consumer response to the labels has been extremely positive.

About Louisiana Food Company

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