Love is Priceless, but Value Still Matters

Whether it's engagement rings, bridal sets, earrings, or diamonds bracelets, your money will get more for your true love at King of Jewelry

Jun 10, 2013, 20:19 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- We can put a price on round or cushion cut engagement rings, but how can anyone possibly put a price on love? Indeed, while love might be infinite, money is not – and that's why the renowned retailer King of Jewelry is committed to providing the very best in quality and value in high-end jewelry. If you're a successful professional or businessperson who nevertheless wants to get the most for your money – that's how you got to be successful in the first place – King of Jewelry is the place for you. If you're someone of more modest means who nevertheless want to present your true love with one of the emerald cut engagement rings she has her heart set on, King of Jewelry is also the place for you.

Based in the heart of the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles and with one of the most vibrant web sites in the high jewelry business, King of Jewelry understands that, while everyone wants the very best, no one wants to spend more money than they have to.  The good news for customers is the king is a benevolent monarch who is committed to providing his subjects with high end jewelry at a range of prices that should be affordable on almost any budget. Whether you're looking for gorgeous diamond earrings, bracelets, loose diamonds for custom made rings, or something as specific as canary diamond engagement rings, the King is here to make the finest jewelry as affordable as possible for people who might breakfast more often at IHOP than Tiffany's.

To make things even easier, King of Jewelry offers financing options. PayPal's Bill Me Later service allows a purchase to be made immediately, with no interest charged for the first six months, as long as the payment is then made in full at the end of that time. King of Jewelry also offers a lay-away plan that allows customers to reserve their favorite item by making a 10 percent down payment for up to 90 days. Additional payments can be made at any time and no interest is ever charged.

Of course, value always comes down to charging a fair price for an outstanding product, and that remains the bottom line at King of Jewelry. This famed retailer is known for offering the finest selection of high end jewelry available. Whatever your preference in diamond cuts, settings, and styles, King of Jewelry has what you and your true love are looking for at a price that's as reasonable as any jewelry retailer.

King of Jewelry's extensive collection of great jewelry for the most competitive prices around can be found at A helpful and enthusiastic customer service representative can be reached by calling the downtown Los Angeles based retailer at 888-349-8299.

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