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Winter freezes and high gas bills have both arrived in most of the United States, but the second problem is only temporary, according to one website.

Jan 08, 2010, 06:18 ET from ShopALu.com

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Winter has barged in the front door of America and it has demanded attention; costly attention, if you've looked at your gas or electric bill this month. Many are switching to new and alternative heating methods for their homes and quartz infrared heaters are at the top of the list.

"You'd be amazed at the amount of heat these things put out compared to the small space heaters you can get at your local big box stores," says Tiffany Ellis of ShopALu.com. "If you're looking for something that can heat 1,000 square feet for not a lot of money, infrared is where you want to go."

Infrared heaters work similar to sunlight in that they heat objects, which retain heat and keep the room warm. Heaters with fans use a tremendous amount of electricity for the same effect or less than you can get from an infrared heater, because the heat is only going in a certain direction and it does not run off a thermostat, so it never turns itself off. Many fires are caused by the fan that forces the heat out of these units failing and causing it to overheat.

"Space heaters cause a huge number of fires in the United States every winter and there's no reason anyone has to fall victim to this; our heaters are safe and the filaments located inside a fireproof container," says Ellis. "The outside is safe to touch without fear of being burned."

The move toward heat sources other than gas is on the rise and only time will tell whether the utility companies will be able to compete with them.

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