LS Research announces TiWi5(TM) and TiWi-BLE. TiWi5(TM) is the first industrial temperature rated and FCC/IC certified dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5.8 GHz), Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, and ANT+ module designed to integrate with a wide range of microproc

Jul 16, 2012, 11:48 ET from LS Research

CEDARBURG, Wis., July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LS Research (LSR) today announced the TiWi5(TM) and TiWi-BLE(TM), 802.11/Bluetooth/BLE, FCC/IC-certified and ETSI-tested modules aimed at enabling robust wireless connectivity for embedded systems. The TiWi5 is based on the WL1273 solution from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) and supports 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth(R) 2.1+EDR, Bluetooth low energy 4.0, and ANT+(TM).  The TiWi-BLE is based on TI's WL1271 solution and supports 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Bluetooth low energy 4.0, and ANT+.  For maximum design reuse, the TiWi-BLE is pin for pin compatible with LSR's TiWi5 module, and both the TiWi-BLE and TiWi5 are pin for pin compatible  with LSR's 2.4 GHz TiWi-R2(TM) module. The certified modules provide customer multiple antenna options and offer a -40 to +85 degrees C industrial temperature range. Additionally, quickly enable manufactures wanting to add the TiWi5 or TiWi-BLE to their product lines, LSR is providing antenna design support,  driver integration with various processor platforms, and system level design to customers.

LSR's new TiWi5 and TiWi-BLE modules provide customers the ability to quickly and cost effectively implement dual-band, multi-standard wireless connectivity on a significant range of microprocessor (MPU)-based platforms. The TiWi5 is aimed at industrial automation, mobile data terminals, wireless video, and other applications, while the TiWi-BLE supports consumer wellness, sports and fitness, security and proximity, smart energy, home automation and entertainment and more. The modules' technology are designed and built to provide best-in-class WLAN and Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy co-existence for seamless transition.                                                                                                                

"TI's strategy is to reduce engineering barriers and accelerate time-to-market for customers adopting our wireless products. A major part of that is simplifying the RF design integration and certification challenges inherent to working with radio technologies," said Matt Kurtz, channel marketing manager, wireless connectivity solutions, TI. "We're excited to work with LS Research as they leverage our WL1273 and WL1271 on the first broadly-available dual-band 2.4/5 GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy module solutions on the market." 

Full design service and support
TI's WL1273 and WL1271 solutions are complemented by LSR's turnkey hardware design services, in-house EMC certification services and software capabilities – all aimed at providing customers with a full-service option to quickly bring wireless connectivity designs from the drawing board to production.

Tools and availability
TiWi5, TiWi-BLE and related development boards are now released to production and available for purchase.  Comparable to the pricing of the TiWi-R2 module, manufacturer's suggested resale of TiWi-BLE at 1K quantities is $17.76. Start development with a wide range of MPUs, using LSR's TiWi5 COM6L (450-0085) and TiWi-BLE COM6L (450-0097), available from LSR's authorized distribution partners. For additional ordering details, please visit

About LS Research
LS Research is a global leader in enabling advanced wireless technology platforms. Having developed a long history of helping Fortune 500 companies and startups with new product development, LSR resides at the forefront of the latest wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, RFID, MICS, NFC, Bluetooth, BLE, ANT+, 802.15.4, DECT, and ZigBee. Design services include hardware and software development, antenna design, CAD and layout.  Also provided are EMC certification services, and sales of both catalog and custom-developed RF modules.  LS Research is the only wireless product development firm with turnkey design services, modules, and an on-site FCC accredited test facility for all your testing and certification needs, including EMC scanning, ETSI testing, and FCC and IC certification. Learn more at

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LS Research is a member of the TI Design Network, a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer products and system-level design and manufacturing services complementing TI's semiconductors to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market. Network members provide product design, hardware and software system integration, turnkey product design, RF and processor system modules, reference platforms, software development, proof-of-concept design, feasibility studies, research, certification compliance, prototyping, manufacturing, and product life cycle management. For more information about the TI Design Network, please visit

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