Lubiprostone Successfully Completes Phase 3 Efficacy Trial in Japanese Patients

Jun 10, 2010, 05:00 ET from R-Tech Ueno, Ltd.

TOKYO, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Sucampo) announced that phase 3 double blind trial of lubiprostone (marketed as AMITIZA (R) in the U.S.) for chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC) in Japanese patients has been completed (See Sucampo release dated June 8, 2010).

R-Tech Ueno has an agreement with Sucampo Pharma Ltd. (SPL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sucampo, under which it has the exclusive right to manufacture and supply lubiprostone (marketed as AMITIZA (R)in the U.S.) in Japan, Asia, Oceania and other regions (See R-Tech Ueno release dated February 23, 2009).

The above will have no impact on our financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2011.

About Lubiprostone

Lubiprostone was approved in the U.S. for the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation in adults of both genders and all ages - in January, 2006 - and of irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in adult women - in April, 2008 under the trade name Amitiza (R) - Lubiprostone increases fluid secretion into the intestinal tract by activating specific chloride channels on cells lining the small intestine, thereby facilitating the passage of stool. Lubiprostone is one of the prostone compounds (functional fatty acid) identified by Dr. Ryuji Ueno, who is founder of R-Tech Ueno as well as Sucampo Group, and is the world's first Chloride Channel Activator approved as a drug.

About Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company based in Bethesda, Maryland, focuses on the development and commercialization of medicines based on prostones. The therapeutic potential of prostones, which are bio-lipids that occur naturally in the human body, was first identified by Ryuji Ueno, M.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Sucampo Pharmaceuticals' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Sucampo has a robust pipeline of compounds with the potential to target under-served diseases affecting millions of patients worldwide.

Sucampo markets Amitiza (R) (lubiprostone) 24 mcg in the U.S. for chronic idiopathic constipation in adults and Amitiza 8 mcg in the U.S. to treat irritable bowel syndrome with constipation in adult women.

Sucampo also is developing the drug for additional gastrointestinal disorders with large potential markets. In addition, Sucampo has a robust pipeline of compounds with the potential to target underserved diseases affecting millions of patients worldwide.

Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has three wholly owned subsidiaries: Sucampo Pharma Europe, Ltd., located in the UK; Sucampo Pharma, Ltd., located in Japan; and Sucampo Pharma Americas, Inc., located in Maryland. To learn more about Sucampo Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its products, visit

Amitiza (R) is a registered trademark of Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

About R-Tech Ueno, Ltd.

R-Tech Ueno is a bio venture company established in September 1989 for the purpose of marketing and R&D of drugs. Under leadership of CEO Ryuji Ueno, also a medical doctor, the company is developing new drugs on the theme "Physician-Oriented New Drug Innovation," targeting ophthalmologic and dermatologic diseases that previously had no effective therapeutic agent. We aim at becoming a "global pharmaceutical company specializing in specific fields (ophthalmology and dermatology) and selling and developing pharmaceutical products through the eyes of doctors." We are promoting development of new drugs of unmet medical needs (medical needs that are not fulfilled yet) which the government recommends and assists, orphan drugs and the drugs in the field of anti-aging (lifestyle drugs).

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