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Six Students Attribute Five-figure lottery winnings to Ramtha School Lessons

Jan 10, 2013, 14:13 ET from Ramtha School of Enlightenment

YELM, Wash., Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A remarkable run of Washington's Lottery winners, all from the Yelm area, have cashed winning tickets of $10,000 or more during the past two years.  The lottery champions gave credit to the Ramtha School teachings, claiming their winning numbers came to them after careful studying and discipline.

The winners include: Patricia Everheart, $10,000 on Dec. 30, 2012

Ana Mihalcea and Laura Mooney, $10,000 on Dec. 11, 2012

Heather Singleton and Justin Wood, $10,000 on Oct. 8, 2012

Diana Hall, $12,365 casino jackpot at Red Wind Casino in Yelm on April 11, 2011

Michelle Enos, $10,000 on March 27, 2011

Heather Singleton, $10,000 on January 17, 2011

The stories from all the winners, along with official photos from the Washington Lottery, can be found at:  The Ramtha School of Enlightenment teaches students to capitalize on their natural mental abilities. According to Ramtha's disciplines, we have direct control over how our lives play out. These lucky students attribute their winnings entirely to the techniques they mastered at RSE.

Heather Singleton is a two-time winner, with lottery jackpots cashed in January, 2011 by herself and on October 8, 2012 with her partner Justin Wood.  "Every day we participate in Remote-Viewing," said Wood.  Remote-viewing is a practice that allows students of RSE to sense events and images that have not yet occurred. Heather Singleton and Justin Wood participate in a daily joint-viewing through the website, and their collaboration paid off this past October when they accurately viewed the winning numbers 14, 16, 12, and 4. 

"The disciplines work," remarked Singleton, who won her first jackpot after practicing Consciousness & Energy, the teaching that the mind can achieve realities which are seemingly impossible. 

"I have always been a winner," says Patricia Everheart, who won $10,000 after practicing Create Your Day®, a technique of beginning each day by focusing on the mind and the day to come. While mentally preparing for her day, she saw "four numbers came across my brain… I said okay, I will play those numbers." 

Everheart is one of many Ramtha students to have cashed in the 4-foot long check recently. In just the past 3 months, there have been 3 student winners of the Washington lottery, and luck had nothing to do with it. Rather, they deliberately chose the winning numbers after viewing them while practicing the techniques taught at RSE.  

Anna Mihalcea and Laura Mooney observed their winning numbers while on a Neighborhood Walk®, a moment of light exercise to improve awareness and general health. "We decided to start focusing on a set of numbers and become them... mind as matter... we are the number," said the two women, who won the $10,000 prize this past December. "We chose our numbers and observed them in the Neighborhood Walk®, forecasting our future, and we walked right into them!"

Most students won by predicting the numbers in the "Match 4" game.  The students credit their training at the Ramtha School that taught them stillness and a present focus that caused the numbers to appear in their minds.

The frequency of these winnings demonstrate these occurrences may have more do to with skill than luck.

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