Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc. Selects Whitegate PR as Agency of Record

Mar 03, 2014, 05:30 ET from Whitegate PR

NEW YORK, March 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc. selects boutique public relations firm Whitegate PR as their agency of record in celebration of their six years in business. Lucky Dog Cuisine understands that pet parents want what is best for their furry friends. As a pet owner, it's important to not be a victim of "Marketing over Mother Nature." Lucky Dog Cuisine offers all natural, all American, human grade fresh cooked meals for dogs. Whitegate PR Inc. will be helping to share the world of Lucky Dog Cuisine to foodies across North America. Learn more about Lucky Dog Cuisine Inc. in the USA at: or in Canada at:

With four years of nutritional training and twenty years as a Doctor of Chiropractic for both humans and animals, Dr. Janice Elenbaas and canine, Bugsy Wonderdog, are the proud co-founders of Lucky Dog Cuisine. Dr. Janice believes, "If you wouldn't eat it, please don't feed it to your dog!" Our furry babies should have the same great quality food that any other family member enjoys.

Commercial dog foods can typical contain diseased, dying or disabled animals, moldy grains, and pet grade ingredients (not fit for human consumption). These are just a few of the unappetizing and unhealthy ingredients often found in traditional dog food. It's important for pet owners to understand that in today's society, dogs are facing more obesity and sickness, just like humans.

Today, 1 in 3 dogs is diagnosed with cancer, and 55% of dogs in America are overweight. The average 50 pound dog eating traditional commercial dog food will ingest roughly 18 pounds of preservatives in the course of a year. Providing our canines with a healthy diet and acknowledging what is in their food is key for an overall better life.

Lucky Dog Cuisine offers top quality "human grade" ingredients, humanely raised, hormone free, grass fed beef, real cheese and yogurt for calcium, pureed GMO-free vegetables, and filtered water.  Each meal at Lucky Dog Cuisine is cooked fresh in small batches and then frozen, with NO preservatives.

All meals are made fresh each week and are specifically formulated for a canine's unique digestive needs. There is no coloring, no byproducts, no stabilizers, and nothing artificial added to Lucky Dog food products. Their homemade meals and treats are so natural and healthy, even humans could eat!

Lucky Dog Cuisine is delivered to homes at an affordable price and is easy and convenient to use. When the frozen food arrives, pet parents can simply thaw and serve to their four-legged friend. There are many benefits to a Lucky Dog Cuisine diet such as, a stronger immune system, fewer chronic digestive problems, less shedding, less poop and fewer allergies, to name a few.

About Lucky Dog Cuisine: Lucky Dog Cuisine is real food for dogs. We take the mystery out of feeding your best friend. There are no ingredients in our food that you cannot pronounce or have to look up in a chemistry text. No fancy degree is needed to read our labels. We use real food and nothing else. Our food for dogs is so good that you could eat it too. We feel that if you cannot pronounce something, you probably should not be eating it. All of our meals are made in real kitchens, not processing plants. We actually use pots and pans and bowls just like you do to cook your own dinner. Our bowls are just a lot bigger. Learn more at  Facebook: Twitter: @DrJaniceE. Youtube:

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