Lufthansa Systems Chooses SMI Eye Tracking to Improve Flight Operations Outcomes

Apr 21, 2016, 04:51 ET from SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH (SMI)

TELTOW, Germany, April 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Proven Eye Tracking Platform and NetLine/Ops ++ Set to Boost Performance and Deliver Savings

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is partnering with Lufthansa Systems to combine its renowned eye tracking with the NetLine/Ops ++ airline operations control solution.

The union of these leading technologies will allow Lufthansa Systems' customer airlines to measure and enhance the effectiveness of their on-screen alerts which pre-empt costly disruptions. These include weather alerts, air traffic control issues and pending missed connections.

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SMI's screen-based remote eye tracking will be used to determine when and if these alerts are seen. If there has been no gaze fixation by the operator in an acceptable time frame, additional warnings will be generated in the form of a sound or a vibration on a wearable device.

Longer term, the accumulated eye tracking data will help improve the effectiveness of next generation operations control systems.

"Lufthansa Systems' adoption of SMI eye tracking is further proof of the value our platform provides when used to enhance operator and application performance in industry verticals, such as flight operations management," said SMI Managing Director, Eberhard Schmidt.

"I'm delighted they have chosen our robust and trusted technology. Our advances in eye tracking over 25 years are why we now have products that can optimize the use of NetLine/Ops ++."

Lufthansa Systems Senior Product Manager, Operations Control IT Solutions, Daniel Stecher, said eye tracking was a logical innovation, given how busy airline operations have become. A single operator might have to manage 50-60 flights at a time so the potential for costly disruptions is ever-present.

"In total, disruptions cost the world's airlines $26 billion per year. A first step in reducing this amount, airline-by-airline is to ensure the operator sitting in front of those busy screens sees key alerts," he said.

"That's why I'm excited that we have adopted SMI's quality eye tracking. NetLine/Ops ++ is a quality product so together, they are a perfect fit."

Lufthansa Systems products are used by 69 airlines around the world. Thirty-one of these use NetLine/Ops ++ and all of those, Mr Stecher said, could benefit from SMI eye tracking.

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