Lunarline's School of Cyber Security Unveils New Curriculum for Advanced Cyber Operators

Feb 18, 2014, 10:35 ET from Lunarline

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to overwhelming demand for advanced cyber security training, Lunarline today unveiled a new curriculum designed to meet the demands of even the most technical cyber security professionals.


While the announcement is expected to come as welcome news to current and aspiring security professionals, malicious hackers everywhere are in no mood to celebrate.

With a defined goal of enhancing professionals' technical and operational security skills, the newly offered courses cover advanced cyber security topics such as Network and Packet Analysis, Counterintelligence for Cyber Professionals and Advanced Malware Analysis. Courses in offensive cyber operations will also be made available to select Lunarline clients.   

Citing the increasingly sophisticated demands of today's cyber operators, Director of Cyber Security Training Melissa Dawson believes that this curriculum sets a new benchmark for advanced cyber training.

"Our students are looking for increasingly technical and demanding cyber security courses," says Melissa Dawson. "And we deliver."

Within Lunarline itself, Lunarline employees take advantage of these same classes to build their own cyber security skills.  According to CEO Waylon Krush, this enhances the cyber security expertise of his team and enables them to better support Lunarline's clients.

"We are excited to see this level of interest from within our own ranks," Krush says. "Their participation adds to the richness of the classroom experience. And by sharpening their skills, Lunarliners are further enhancing the strength of our company."

Along with increasing demand for advanced training courses, Lunarline has seen a broadening of the market for cyber security training services. Lunarline Instructor and US Air Force Veteran Rebecca Onuskanich notes that private sector organizations increasingly request advanced training that matches the rigor and intensity of Lunarline's military-grade cyber security courses. "The government has always taken security training seriously. Lunarline has trained literally 1,000s of Intel, DoD and Federal Civilian cyber professionals. But lately I've even seen an increase in the number of private sector organizations demanding our highly-technical training."

"It's great," Onuskanich added. "As more and more private sector organizations take advanced cyber security training seriously, it makes us all safer online."  

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